From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.21 – Ex-Husbands and Wives)

It seems impossible but the third season of Gossip Girl is coming to an end. The season’s finale is being aired on May 17th, then we’ll have to wait some months before the beginning of the fourth season [1]. I have mixed feelings for this season: the first episodes were vapid, lifeless and plotless, then things started to change for good, bringing the old drama back. The 21st episode – Ex-Husbands and Wives [2] – is surely one of the best ever, because Blair is back on track as intrigue-maker-solver and a lot of sub-plots cross. Lily is eventually the protagonist of the episode, even if she still looks like someone who is watching others living and doesn’t take decisions (I guess this is probably due to the fact that she thinks she’s ill). In the first part, William and Lily are lovey-dovey, they remember their past life together and attend a party at the Public Library.

In the first scene, she is sipping some apple juice and talking to her ex-husband.

She’s wearing a nice pleated blouse, a dove grey knitted short-sleeved cardigan and an amazing pearl necklace with diamantè clasp. I am posting pictures of her hairstyles, because they are a bit different from her trademark bun. The one in the screencap above is so romantic!

Something dramatic this way comes. In the previous episode, Serena talked to Holland Kemble, a psychiatrist living next door, who pretended to be Rufus’ mistress. S of course believes her words, because she wants her mother and father to be together again. In one of the juiciest scenes of the episode, Holland states in front of the whole Van der Woodsen-Humphrey clan that Rufus actually cheated on Lily with her.

The (false) revelation leaves Lily devastated: she doesn’t go through another divorce, but at the same time she’s very confused, because she doesn’t know whom she can trust. Here we can get a rare full-figure picture of Lily, so we can see she completes the outfit with grey trousers and Christian Louboutin Ron Ron pumps.

In the second scene where Lily appears, she is walking and chatting with Eric. She admits she’s confused, and Eric tries to reassure her: he only wants to stay with her, he really doesn’t care about Rufus.

If you are frequent readers, you may remind I wrote about this outfit some months ago. She is sporting a long blue coat, blue scarf and an interesting bag, a Loro Piana La Belle bag in dove grey. I don’t know why she is not toting her amazing Hermès bags anymore (I admit it: I terribly miss the Hermès moments she used to give us), but I quite like all the bags seen on her in the third season. Her hairstyle is nice, a little bit messier than the previous one.

Things seem to work between Lily and William: they attend a party together and they even dance. It’s clear there’s something behind his comeback, and the ineffable duo Blair-Chuck are going to find the truth out.

I usually don’t care about men’s fashion on Gossip Girl, but I noticed the unique style of Dr. Van der Woodsen. He often wears his shirt not tucked into the trousers, most of his shirts have mandarin collars, and this is a way to speak about his past travels all around the world, and his (possible) love for comfort and other cultures.

Lily is magnificent in her one-shoulder aubergine Badgley Mischka dress, which looks really divine on her. I love the relaxed shape of the dress, its colour (perfectly complimenting Lily’s complexion) and the embellishment at the waist. The only accessory here is a pair of chandelier earrings by House of Lavande.

In the last scene, tables turn: it comes out that William asked Holland to prescribe useless medicines to Lily, because he wanted to go back to her and his children. Lily is not ill anymore, but he has pretended she was to stay by her side. What is worse, he leaves without explaining his behaviour, and this provokes a harsh reaction from Serena. In this scene, she’s wearing a beautiful white and black dress, Manolo Blahnik pumps and a stunning Janis Savitt pearl and diamond necklace.

I love this one-shoulder Michael Kors printed dress on Lily: she looks so elegant and refined. I also love the thin bow belt she’s wearing, much better than the corset-belt seen on the model.

Now she’s back with Rufus, but I don’t think things are going to be easy for them. As Jenny rightly points out, they fight all the time, so I guess now they’ll really face the problems between them.

What are your opinions about the episode? Did you like it? And are you excited for the finale?

[1] Josh Schwartz has recently stated the first episodes of the fourth season will be filmed in Paris. Cannot wait!!!

[2] The title refers to Husbands and Wives (1992), a film by Woody Allen, starring Mia Farrow, Sydney Pollack, Juliette Lewis, Liam Neeson and Judy Davis.

Source and source.



  1. I thought I should introduce myself, since I love your blog and I’ve been reading it for ever! You mention that “if we are frequent readers..” and instantly I remembered the post before even clicking on the link! Keep up the great work! xo

    1. Thanks! You’re so kind 🙂 I’m glad you’ve been reading this blog since its beginning and that you’re still enjoying it ♥

  2. One more note, I don’t think the shoes Lily is wearing are Louboutin simple pumps. I think they are the signature Manolo Blahnik pointed toe pumps. If you look at an HQ cap closely there is no visible red and the texture looks like Manolo snakeskin or crocskin or whatever it is, lol

    1. I assumed they were Louboutin pumps because she usually wears that style, but thanks for letting me know your thoughts about them.

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