From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross Over (3.20 – It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World)

Sorry but the lack of updates, but my job at school and for Vogue Italia website have kept me quite busy in the latest weeks. This doesn’t mean I’ll skip one of my favourite subjects, that is Lily Van der Woodsen’s style in Gossip Girl. I must admit I was really disappointed by the 20th episode of the third season, It’s a Dad Dad Dad Dad World [1], not because of the plot (things are actually getting juicier than ever), but for Lily’s behaviour. She has always been very close to her family, but this time it is as if she is unable to react: she passively accepts the falling apart of her enlarged family, she pushes Rufus away and somehow supports Serena’s rude ways to Rufus. And what about S? I’ve never liked her but in this episode she’s worse than ever; I think she’s turning into the most negative character of the series, even if Jenny comes close.

Besides the plot, I really enjoyed the outfits sported by Lily, very classy and glamourous. In the scene of the traditional brunch in her apartment, she is pretty in pink.

She wears a Hanii Y hot pink satin sheath dress, with a zip detail on one shoulder.

The shape of the dress is simple, very much in her style, but the shade, the fabric and the zip detail make it special. She accessorized it with a gold chain bracelet and tiny diamond stud earrings. Her hair is styled in her trademark side-parted updo but I don’t get the girly touch of the baby pink bow (you can see it in the screencap above).

Most of the episode is set at a gala event at the Columbia University, honouring dr. Van der Woodsen. Before leaving, Serena argues with Rufus; Lily is on Serena’s side and asks her husband not to attend the event. I think there’s something deeply wrong in her behaviour: she has always stated she doesn’t want William back in her heart but acts as if she actually wanted it. I don’t even comment on Serena, such a pointless character.

This time we get a rare full figure screenshot of Lily, so we can see in detail her flawless outfit. She wore a gold sheath dress, a Luisa Beccaria woven silver coat (which she didn’t wear, but it looks gorgeous the same), a gold clutch and matching pumps. This is one of the best dresses she’s ever worn, simple in shape, but exquisite in details and made of precious fabric.

The dress [2] is a creation by Luisa Beccaria, an Italian designer who has a distinctive style – romantic, very feminine, never over-the-top, yet original. The dress seen on Lily is a little bit longer than the runway version, and she added a blue sash at the waist.

Her jewelry is amazing: she picked a pair of gold and citrine topaz drop earrings and a stunning M. Sturman Diorissimo diamond and topaz necklace.

At the event, Lily and Chuck meet, and this is a very emotional moment. Chuck is apparently unable to express his feelings (in this sense, he’s back to his old ways), but Blair pushes him to show his affection to Lily, the only family figure left in his life. He’s worried for her health and tenderly hugs her. One of the best moments of the episode.

Events quickly come to a head: Serena meets Rufus and Lily’s neighbour at the party and she confessed she had an affair with Rufus; Rufus overhears a conversation between Jenny and a girl, realizes she has been a drug dealer and takes her back to Brooklyn. The final scene tells it all: Lily, Eric, Serena and William share a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace in Lily’s apartment.

I’m sure this fake family portrait won’t last, because William is very shady and there’s something wrong with Lily’s cancer treatment. Chuck and Jenny (odd couple, isn’t it?) are plotting to discover the truth about her disease and the real intentions of her former husband.

This is one of the last episodes of the season, so what are your opinions about the development of the plot? Will Chuck and Jenny find out the truth and unveil William’s intentions or will he win his family back?

[1] The title refers to It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963), a comedy by Stanley Kramer, starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.

[2] The same dress was worn by Lauren Conrad in 2009.

Source and source.




  1. I agree about the pink ribbon. Do you think it was done as a reference to supporting breast cancer awareness?

    1. I don’t think it’s clear what type of cancer Lily suffered from, but I like to think it could have actually been a reference to supporting breast cancer awareness.

  2. I agree with you, Serena is INSOPPORTABILE!
    I’m glad we got to see Lily a bit more than in the last episodes. Her outfits looked fantastic on her but I’m looking forward to seeing her in a bit more casual clothes. I’ve seen some pictures of the scenes flimed in NYC and we should see them in the last episodes.
    Lily’s behaviour was strange anad I’m so curious to see how the Chuck/Jenny investigation goes!

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