From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.19 – Dr. Estrangeloved)

Dr. Estrangeloved [1], the nineteenth episode of Gossip Girl‘s third season, is really what I’ve been waiting for so long: an episode packed with action, intrigues, break-ups, new characters (yes, Dr. Van der Woodsen is here, at last) and drama, lots of it. I enjoyed it so much because part of the plot is devoted to Lily’s comeback and creates lots of expectations for the episodes to come.

If you have read From the Valley to the Upper East Side posts, you should know my opinion about the third season of the show: it has actually had problems of plot, of characters’ identity, of rhythm, but I think it’s about to stop striving for finding its own voice, because some staples of the previous seasons (Chuck and Blair are enemies again, the past which is haunting Lily) are back. Too bad this change for good has come when the season is about to finish.

Lily is on screen since the beginning of the episode, when she’s sitting on a limo with Serena, heading back home from Palm Beach. We still don’t know what happened there, but all the mystery will soon disappear.

In this scene, Lily is wearing a camel-trimmed white coat and a pair of clip earrings. On her lap we can see a white Marcello bag by Cartier, which was spotted on her at the time of the filming. I like this scene, because mother and daughter are so close, they are cuddling, which is very rare, because their relation has been rocky most of the time.
When they enter Lily’s apartment, Rufus is impatiently waiting for them, and he’s not alone, because William is there, too. They discuss of the reason behind Lily’s mysterious getaways: she has a “very treatable” cancer [2] and her former husband is curing her. Rufus is not convinced this is the right decision, he would like Lily to be cured by someone else, but Lily and S are sure Will will do anything necessary to heal her.

In this case, Lily is wearing one of her trademark dresses with gathered neckline, absolutely flawless.

As usual, Lily’s jewellery is always perfect for the outfit she’s sporting.

Here, she picked turquoise jewels to brighten the grey dress up. Her Bounkit gold and turquoise beaded clip earrings are exquisite.

When Serena and Will leave the apartment, it’s time for Lily and Rufus to open their hearts and speak about the alarming news concerning Lily’s health. In these scenes, her turquoise cuff bracelet can be seen in all its glory. I admit I have a soft spot for cuff bracelets and this is gorgeous. What I love about Gossip Girl is that it drops the bomb just before the very end of the episode, a very intelligent trick to keep the audience’s expectations for the following episode high: in this case, Will is calling someone on the phone, blackmailing him to write Lily another prescription. The meaning of this is totally unclear, but I guess will get to know more about Dr. Van der Woodsen’s shady characters in the episodes to come.

I am quite disappointed by Lily’s one and only outfit change in the episode, but I’ve found some pictures of Kelly Rutherford attending a fashion event in Los Angeles and this has somehow calmed my craving for more outfits from her.

Last night she attended Gilbert Chagoury Couture launch party in Los Angeles, and sported a lovely outfit, very much in her style. I’d like to see her wearing bright colours more often, because she always sticks to white, which is becoming a little bit predictable. She paired a frilled blouse with wide-leg pants and an embellished wrap.

Thanks to the accessory department, she gave us another Hèrmes moment, because she carried her trusty Birkin bag in Etoupe; she also wore Christian Louboutin Simple patent pumps, diamond stud earrings and a nice Van Cleef & Arpels necklace, from the Magic Alhambra collection. She must really love Van Cleef & Arpels, because she has been wearing their jewelry many times on and off the set.

What do you think of this week’s episode? And what can possibly be the development of Lily’s sub-plot?

[1] The title refers to Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964), a Stanley Kubrick film starring Peter Sellers.

[2] During the episode we get to know the truth: the latest medical tests on Lily are not as good as they were supposed to be.





  1. I always enjoy your features on Lily/ Kelly’s style. I wish I could get more fashion inspiration from other characters/ people, but I can’t think of anyone else with similar style 🙂
    Thanks for posting!

    1. She has got a very simple but at the same time extremely refined style. I guess this is what I would call effortless chic.

  2. Fin dove si spingerà l’amore di Chuck? chi ci sarà dietro gli oscuri disegni del Doc VdW? (la cara nonna Cece magari…).

    Proprio adesso,a 3 puntate dalla fine la trama doveva farsi così interessante?,la verità,Super,è che sono già in astinenza da GG alla sola idea che finisca:-))).
    Potrebbe essere un Mouret il vestito di Lily?,il bracciale è stupendo.
    Son contenta,leggendo qua e là ,di non aver notato solo io il grossolano errore fatto dagli sceneggiatori,che hanno fatto osservare al Doc VdW che Lily aveva ristrutturato l’appartamento dopo la loro separazione,quando TUTTI sappiamo che quella casa la comprò B.Bass…sicuramente non è sfuggito neppure a te.

    …MET gala! MET gala! è quasi oraaaaa…

    1. Mah! Non so come andrà a finire stavolta tra Blair e Chuck. Ho la sensazione che questa crisi ce la porteremo nella quarta serie. Non sono convinta che dietro William ci sia Cece, ma forse è proprio lui ad essere tornato per rivalersi su Lily. Comunque sono d’accordo con te: dopo un’infilzata di puntate banali/deludenti/inconcludenti, proprio adesso che ci avviciniamo alla fine arrivano le trame interessanti, buuuuu 😦 Sì, l’avevo notato anche io l’errore riguardo l’appartamento… Evidentemente Josh Schwartz stava pensando ad altro quando ha scritto la sceneggiatura.

      Per quanto riguarda l’abito di Lily, sicuramente non è un Mouret, quella scollatura mi ricorda una più abbordabile Ann Taylor, semmai…

      Ohhh, il MET Gala, non vedo l’ora!!!

    1. Non ne sapevo nulla!!! Oddio, sono troppo felice, anche perchè, oltre a quel post (che avevo pubblicato su Dallo Spazio in italiano), ha ripubblicato un altro che ho pubblicato qui qualche tempo fa!!!

      Grazie mille per il messaggio: se non fosse stato per te, sarei rimasta nella mia ignoranza (a dirla tutta, non sapevo che AdR avesse un blog).

  3. Figurati 🙂
    Anche io ho scoperto da poco che AdR tenesse un blog… ma da allora ovviamente non posso che seguirla assiduamente!
    Siccome ti leggo da tanto potevo immaginare quanto una notizia simile ti avrebbe lusingato!

    A proposito, siccome non te l’ho mai detto perchè non commento mai, complimenti per le tue reviews e i tuoi articoli. Sono una tua lettrice da Dallo Spazio, e anche con questo nuovo blog non mi (ci) deludi mai!

    1. Sei stata gentile a segnalarmi il blog di Anna dello Russo. D’ora in poi lo leggerò anche io con attenzione 🙂

      E naturalmente grazie per i complimenti, davvero.

  4. The dress was gorgeous but what a disappointment that we didn’t see her in more outfits.
    I agree, she should wear bright colours more often. A couple of months ago she wore a beautiful red evening dress and it looked really good on her.
    I didn’t like the white outfit she wore at the Gilbert Chagoury Couture launch party. It was just so INSIGNIFICANTE somehow.
    I hope you continue writing about Kelly’s style even though she’s on vacation from GG!

    1. As soon as I can find candids or event pics of Kelly, I will surely post about her. Her style is so unique!

  5. You know the golden and turquoise earrings (shown above) that she wears all episode long? I would like to know where the’re from… their gorgeous…
    i love Lilly….

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