From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.18 – The Unblairable Lightness of Being + Hermès Moments in Real Life)

The third season of Gossip Girl has been a miss most of the time, but the last few episodes have brought back the old charm – intrigues, rivalries, a possible split between Chuck and Blair and – most of all – Dr. Van der Woodsen’s impending comeback. The only downside has been Lily’s absence. In the eighteenth episode, The Unblairable Lightness of Being [1], she only appears in the very last scene, but I guess this wasn’t enough for Lily’s fans (at least, it wasn’t for me).

Lily is in Palm Beach with her former husband, and she is the one who opens the door of their hotel room when Serena gets there. I don’t think the romance between Lily and him has been rekindled. I’m more and more convinced she is there because she’s not well, and he’s curing her. I have been really disappointed by another episode without (well, sort of) her, but I hope some interesting turns in the plot are around the corner. In this scene, we can only see her upper half: she is wearing a white knitted cardigan (I assume it’s belted) and a multistrand green jade necklace.

I’ve never been a fan of Serena’s style – most of the time she overtly looks like a hooker – but I must admit her jewellery is often exquisite. I love the multistrand white and green jade necklace she’s wearing when she gets to Palm Beach, which is intended to match the jade necklace seen on Lily.

From this screencap, we can get a glimpse of her outfit, which includes white wide-legged pants.

Lily has been nowhere to been seen in the show, but Kelly Rutherford was spotted in Los Angeles in the last few weeks, so here are the outfits she sported while out with her children and friends.

On April 13th, she was spotted while going home with her son Hermes and their dog. The outfit she was sporting is very Kelly – white cropped jeans, sand flats, a knitted white cardigan and her Birkin bag in Etoupe on her arm. Hermes is dressed like a little worker, cute.

On April 10th, she took a stroll in Los Angeles with a friend, Helena and their dog. She was wearing white jeans again, sand moccassins, a light grey cardigan and a grey scarf around her neck. If you’re always looking forward to her Hermès moments, here you can get one.

O-M-G! A brand new Hermès bag on Kelly! I must admit I’m pretty excited: she has been wearing her Birkin and Kelly bags a lot lately, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing a new eye candy on her arm (or on her shoulder). This is not the first Trim bag she owns (she already has one in black), but this one is so beautiful! The turquoise/baby blue colour (sorry, but I still haven’t identified it yet) is amazing, so summery and chic.

Kelly likes Tod’s comfortable shoes: she wore them on the set of Gossip Girl, and she uses them in real life, too. The Gommini moccassins she’s wearing are the most famous style by Tod’s, a modern version of the classic driving shoes. She chose a pair in sand suede, a neutral shade which perfectly matches the rest of the outfit.

On April 9th, she was spotted leaving the Urth Cafe in Hollywood. Her casual outfit has immediately brought summer in the Hamptons to my mind. She wore white jeans (a must in her closet) and a white and baby blue checked shirt. She also wore another pair of Tod’s Gommini moccassins, this time in white. Her hair looks a bit disheveled, but she looks cute the same.

Her very simple outfit is made special by an amazing set of accessories: she carried the brand new Hermès Trim bag in turquoise and a Cape Cod watch with the leather strap in Orange Potiron. The clear-framed sunglasses are by Benjamin: the style is called Nicole, and the colour is Crystal (the same style has been spotted on Sienna Miller).

On the end of March, Kelly was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, wearing a very summery outfit. Now it’s clear she loves cropped white jeans, and she wore them with Lanvin beige patent flats and a lovely white-trimmed top. Her accessories are to die for: her trusty Hermès Birkin bag in Etoupe is paired to a Collier de Chien cuff bracelet, a Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra necklace in gold and mother-of-pearl, and the Nicole sunglasses again.

What do you think of her off-duty style? Do you like her on-screen style better?

[1] The title of the episode comes from The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984), a novel by the Czech author Milan Kundera. In 1988, Philip Kaufman directed a movie of the same title, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin.

Source and source.




  1. Mi piacciono molto gli ultimi due outfit di kelly fuori set.
    Il colore della trim bag le dona moltissimo.

    Bella bellissima puntata anche se Lily in effetti manca anche a me,spero torni presto perchè quell’idiota di suo marito solo chissà che può combinare…
    Inutile dirti che sono in ansia per Chuck and Blair,Blair and Chuck…,a proposito della puntata 18 ti chiedo aiuto;non riesco a identificare l’abito di Blair alla festa pre nozze di Vania e Dorota,il giro di “informatori” non mi ha aiutato,confido in te!.
    Visto il trailer “Chair forever”? avvistato altro meraviglioso bracciale Bounkit a completamento di un Blair outfit da urlo!


    1. Vero? Quel turchese è meraviglioso; addosso a lei, poi, che di solito veste colori chiari, risalta ancora di più!

      Incredibile ma vero: l’abito che indossava Blair alla festa pre-nozze è un Herve Leger

      No, ormai evito di vedere i trailer delle puntate a venire: già le fonti di suspance sono poche, se guardo i trailer rischiano di diventare ancora meno.

  2. Caspita è vero!H.Leger,dovevo capirlo dall’aderenza e il materiale,ma il movimento sul davanti mi ha portata fuori strada…grazie.

  3. I adore both Kelly’s and Lily’s style. I’d like to be more like Lily (always perfect!) but my style is more casual, like Kelly’s.
    You always do such a wonderful job writing about both styles. And yes, it was exciting to see the new surprising colour in Kelly’s bag collection!
    I agree, Lily hasn’t had nearly enough air time recently. Hopefully she’ll play a bigger role in next season.
    When do you think they’ll start filming season 4?!

    1. I really hope so! She’s a complex character and she surely deserves more air time.

      They usually start filming the new seasons in summer, so I guess they’ll start filming the 4th season in July/August.

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