Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist!

When the spring comes, don’t you feel the need to wear light-hued make-up, as well as light garments and shoes? I do, even if I cannot part with some staples in my make-up (black eye-liner and eye pencil, which I use 365 days a year). NARS has released a juicy collection for Spring 2010, dominated by natural eye colours and pink lips. The source of reference was a movie by Alain Cavalier, La Chamade, directed in 1968. The protagonist of the movie is Catherine Deneuve, who plays the role of the Yves Saint Laurent-clad Lucile. According to Nars, Lucile is “the perfect reference for this collection, and apropos for spring, a time to embrace color and get noticed.”

The perfectly coiffed testimonial of the collection is Amber Valletta.

The collection includes a powder eyeshadow duo and a cream eyeshadow duo – Kuala Lumpur (rose gold/boysenberry infused with gold) and Camargue (golden moss/Sienna infused with multicoloured reflections); a single eyeshadow – D Gorgeous (matte dusty lilac); a lipstick  – Cruising (nude pink) – and two lipglosses – Ophelia (strawberry nectar) and Easy Lover (ultra-sheer hot pink). It also includes a glitter pencil – Bains Douches (bright sky blue with silver glitter) – and a nail polish – Purple Rain (gothic purple) [1]. I haven’t bought anything from this collection yet, but I am naturally drawn to Cruising and Ophelia, I’m sure they look gorgeous if worn together.

When it comes to my collection, here are the latest additions.

At first, everything is closed. As you may have noticed from the pic above, NARS black rubber cases are beautiful, but they have a downside: they get dirty in a blink of an eye and, what is worse, they can also become unpleasantly sticky. The only way to avoid this is keeping the items in their boxes, even if it’s quite a fuss to take them out of the box whenever you use them.

And here they are in full display. There are a palette (which I’m so proud of!), a lip lacquer (the fourth I own), a blush (the nth I own) and a dual ended lipgloss.

As make-up addicts know, the search for the *perfect* nude lipstick can take months, if not years. The Holy Grail neutral lipstick is something elusive: you know it’s somewhere, waiting for you, but you don’t know if or when you two meet. I’ve tried lots of MAC and NARS lipsticks in my quest, but there’s always something wrong with them (too pink, too peach, too nude, it washes me out, it’s like concealer on my lips and so on): I’m actually pretty content with MAC Empowered and Brave New Bronze (only if paired with a lipgloss) and with NARS Butterfield 8 lip lacquer. The first and the third are pinkish brown hues, slightly darker than my natural lips. I also own NARS Belle de Jour lipstick, but it’s too light for me (it’s ok only if paired with NARS Greek Holiday lipgloss). I’ve recently purchased NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer [2], which stroke me like a lightning. This is an amazing nude beige, which perfectly suits my NC30/35 complexion. The effect is properly nude, as if I’m not wearing anything on my lips, sublime!

The dual ended lipgloss combines Orgasm (sheer warm pink with golden shimmer) and Hustler (pinkish brown). The first is just ok, while the second is very similar to Chantaco lipgloss, more brown, less pink.

Angelika, a cotton candy pink with gold particles, is another personal obsession. I have a thing for sparkling blushes and I was so lemming this one. One recurring issue with NARS glittering items (I’m thinking about Tropic eyeshadow) is the annoying downfall of glitters when you apply them. I must admit I was quite worried, but Angelika applies smoothly, with no major glitter downfall. I like wearing it with BeneFit Sugarbomb face powder.

Now here is the centre-piece of my collection, Wild at Heart palette, a limited edition celebrating François Nars’ 15-year-long career. For this special occasion, the sleek lettering of the brand is red, completed by the number 15 in white. There’s another palette – Everlasting Love – celebrating the anniversary, but I decided to buy Wild at Heart because it’s all about bold lip shades, which I love.

The palette includes four powder eyeshadows – Abyssinia (delicate pearl sheen), Alhambra (golden champagne), Ashes to Ashes (violet brown with shimmer) and Pandora (matte black); Orgasm blush (peachy pink with shimmer), South Beach multiple (shimmering apricot); four lip colours –Baby Doll lip lacquer (cotton candy pink), Red Lizard (full powered red), Manhunt (sheer poppy red) and Fire Down Below (pure blood red). I already have Orgasm and Fire Down Below in my collection, but I was so eager to try the rest of the colours.

The eyeshadows are great for creating a neutral eye or an impressive smokey eye, while the lipsticks scream hot to me. The only exception is Baby Doll, a light pink which is very pretty on my lips. I still haven’t tried Manhunt, but Red Lizard should be labelled with a “handle with care” sign: honestly, it’s the reddest red I’ve ever tried, so fierce.

I’ve already explained the thousand reasons why I love NARS, but one I always like talking about is the names of the products. Nars must be a cinema junkie, because he often calls his items after the titles of famous films. In this case, the reference goes to the film of the same title, directed by David Lynch in 1990. The movie, which won a Golden Palm Award at the 43rd Cannes Film Festival, is a unique violent/romantic/sadistic/sensual mixture in true Lynch style. The protagonists are Lula Fortune (Laura Dern, an icon in Lynch’s production) and Sailor Ripley (a snakeskin-clad Nicolas Cage), star-crossed lovers who eventually succeed in staying together. The movie – one of my favourites ever – contains lots of references to American culture (Elvis Presley, an obsession for Sailor, and The Wizard of Oz, for example), as well as cross references to David Lynch’s filmography (some actors of the cult series Twin Peaks – Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Jack Nance, Grace Zabriskie and David Patrick Kelly – appear in Wild at Heart). One of Lynch’s trademarks – a highway filmed at night – is not missing.

Lula and Sailor are such a gorgeous couple! They are so in love with each other, and succeed in overcoming all the obstacles by Lula’s mother, Marietta (Diane Ladd, Laura Dern’s mother in real life), who is a sort of witch. Lula’s style is equally gorgeous: she always wears skin-tight and skimpy clothes, has long, blonde and curly hair, and wears a red lipstick most of the time.

Another character of the movie who has always striken my fantasy is Perdita Durango [3], played by Isabella Rossellini (at the time she was Lynch’s partner). She wears a short blonde wig on her black hair, has thick black eyebrows and wears a red hot lipstick. This is a small part in the movie, but she’s so dangerous and mysterious!

Do you like NARS Spring 2010 collection? Are you looking for a make-up holy grail, too?

[1] The name of this nail polish is obviously a reference to Prince’s movie and album of the same name.

[2] Chelsea Girls was the title of an experimental underground film directed by Andy Warhol in 1966. It featured Nico, Velvet Underground’s vocalist, whose first solo album’s title was Chelsea Girl. François Nars created this lip colour with Nico in mind.

[3] This character was created by Barry Gifford, author of Wild at Heart and of the short story 59 Degrees and Raining: The Story of Perdita Durango. Alex de la Iglesia directed Perdita Durango in 1997, starring Rosie Perez and Javier Bardem.

Source and source.




  1. Ciao Super, ne approfitto per chiederti che te ne pare del multiple south beach…vorrei comprarlo ma ho dubbi sul fatto che sia troppo sbrilluccicoso.
    Hai per caso provato il fondotinta “sheer glow”?Sarei curiosa di sapere com’è…peccato che in italia la curiosità non ci si possa togliere:)

    1. South Beach è un colore molto bello e naturale, assolutamente non troppo sbrilluccicoso, anzi (da questo punto di vista, la palma la detiene Copacabana)! Paragonato a Mustique, un altro multiple che possiedo, sempre sui toni del pesca, è ancora meno artificioso.

      Anche io sono incuriosita dai fondotinta NARS, ma non li ho mai comprati, perchè il fondotinta bisogna provarlo prima di comprarlo! Mi incuriosisce anche Orgasm Illuminator, che prima o poi prenderò, visto che si tratta semplicemente di un illuminante.

  2. Ciao Terry,
    oh, the perfect nude lipstick! hard to find – and I prefer the nude eyes/bright lips look on me, anyway – but I’m well into the second tube of Shiseido Perfecting Lipstick P22, Macadamia Beige, and I love it.
    (Mind you, my complexion must be NW15, Mac-wise!)

    1. I love bright lips, too, but sometimes, when I want to keep my make-up simple, a nude lipstick is needed.
      Too bad you’re much fairer than me 😦 otherwise I’d have immediately given the Shiseido l/s you’re using a try!

  3. You made me smile with “the Nth I own”.
    I have never tried Nars make-up, but I love all the referencing the product names evoke…Another reference is Ashes to Ashes (Bowie). I’m not too drawn by the new collection, ewcept the nail polish- what an amazing shade of purple!!
    OT: You made me curious talking about Lynch’s films- I feel like I want to catch up with his films, as i’ve seen almost nothing by him 😦

    1. Right! There’s the reference to Bowie’s song, too!

      I think you should try one of their blushes (if you use blush), because they’re the best on the market. The colour range is impressive!

      Purple Rain is lovely, but the quality of NARS n/p is not utmost.

      I’m not a big fan of his whole filmography, but I absolutely adore Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heat, Lost Highways and Mulholland Drive. I remember I first watched Wild at Heart when I was at high school, and my first thought was “Am I watching an auteur movie or a porn?”, because some sex scenes are quite explicit. All in all, it’s a great movie, in true Lynch style.

  4. Ciao!,
    io sono diventata totalmente dipendente dal mio ultimo acquisto Nars,il bronzer Irresistiblement,un colore perfetto per le pelli chiare come la mia,fantastico per il counturing.
    Spinta dalle tue recensioni ho voluto provare anche i gloss (ho il doppio stolen kisses+pampa),colori favolosi,pampa poi è mooolto particolare,ma che delusione la consistenza e la durata…

    Super sono scossa…,è un pò come se Chuck avesse tradito anche la mia di fiducia!.


    1. Ma è quello matte, vero? Ad ogni modo, su certi prodotti NARS (penso ai fard, ai bronzer e ai rossetti rossi) niente da dire, sono i migliori in assoluto, ma su altri (come hai potuto notare) i commenti negativi sono doverosi. Io mi sono trovata malissimo con i loro ombretti, ad esempio, poco pigmentati, e anche i loro eye-liner liquidi non sono il massimo. Ho diversi gloss di NARS, bei colori, non mi lamento della consistenza (anzi, non appiccicano come i MAC, per quanto a me i gloss appiccicosi piacciano), ma della durata sì, purtroppo.

      Per Chuck ti capisco, quella puntata ha fatto male anche a me!

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