From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.13 – The Hurt Locket)

You all know I’ve been anxiously waiting for Gossip Girl to be aired after the long winter hiatus, and The Hurt Locket [1] didn’t let me down. I think something is finally changing after some rather bland episodes: here several new plots are presented (Chuck’s quest for his mother, a possible rivalry between Serena and Jenny for conquering Nate’s heart, Jenny’s dark side), one of which is related to our favourite character, Lily.

In this episode, she tries to speak to Rufus, who has just come back from a skiing holiday, but hasn’t returned home yet. What happened between Lily and her former husband (the reason why Rufus has left home) is still largely unclear, but it will all be disclosed in the following episodes, I guess. She doesn’t have a lot a screen time in The Hurt Locket, but she sports some lovely outfits the same.

In the first scene, she’s in her apartment, trying to speak to Rufus on the phone. The first thing I’ve noticed is a definite change in her hairstyle. She has ditched her trademark updo, opting for loose, centre-parted hair. She is beautiful, because I think loose hair makes her features look softer and younger.

The second thing I’ve focused my attention on is the stunning turquoise and onyx beaded necklace with tassels (a Sequin New York piece) she is wearing. She is also wearing matching earrings, which are barely visible. These jewels complete a nice outfit, a tweed riding jacket, a green lemon silk top, skinny jeans and flat boots.

The tweed jacket she’s wearing is a classic piece by Ralph Lauren.

She cannot speak to Rufus on the phone, so she goes to the loft in Brooklyn to see if he’s there. Rufus has come back from his holiday but is not at the loft. Lily meets Dan, who explains he doesn’t know where his father is. In this scene, Lily has added a black wool cape to the outfit we’ve just seen.

From the screencap above, you can notice another change in Lily’s style. Her Hermès moments in the show have become iconic for me, because she always sports stunning pieces by the French maison, but this time she’s toting something different from her trusty Birkins and Kellys. She’s carrying an Ashley rust matte croc satchel by Carlos Falchi, a precious bag, all made of exotic leather, with a simple shape. Serena carries another bag by Falchi – a Brooke matte caiman tote – in the same episode.

The day after, Rufus and Dan meet and Dan explains why his father should go and talk to his wife. Rufus accepts his advice and goes to Lily’s. He tries to understand what happened between his wife and her former husband, and Lily says they only kissed, nothing else; that is enough to make Rufus run away.

I’ve rarely seen Lily as beautiful as she looks in this scene. The white wool bow jacket she’s wearing is lovely and emphasizes her inner glow, and so does the jewellery – tiny diamond stud earrings, a bracelet and a gorgeous multistrand necklace. Each element of the necklace is flower-shaped with a central pearl, exquisite!

What are your opinions about this episode? Did you enjoy it? And what about Lily’s style? Do you like her new hairstyle?

[1] The title of the episode is appropriately inspired to Kathryn Bigelow’s Academy-Award winning movie The Hurt Locker.





  1. I noticed in the first outfit it seemed they were trying to make her a little younger and hipper, with the bright colors and jewelry. And she was even wearing colored eye shadow. But I think she looked best in the 2nd outfit, which was more of her typical look. I don’t know how Rufus could resist her!

  2. Nell’ultima foto,si può notare come i colori chiari donino al viso splendido di kelly…ma non il bianco ottico e non il cotoneeeee.
    Chissà speriamo che se ne faccia una ragione e la smetta di mettere quella roba fuori dal set.

    Superqueen chiedo aiuto per i brand delle due collane.

    P.s.l’outfit Blair al ricevimento per l’ambasciatore mi è piaciuto moltissimo,poca fantasia magari,ma raffinatezza super.


    1. Concordo: dovrebbe eliminare il cotone in bianco ottico dal suo guardaroba, una volta per tutte!

      Sulle collane ci sto lavorando, speriamo di venirne a capo!

      Concordo anche sull’outfit di Blair: quell’abito monospalla di Victoria Beckham e la giacchina sbrilluccicosa di Moschino erano fenomenali. Su Serena no comment 😉

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