From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (2.24 –> 2.25 + On the Set)

March 8th doesn’t look like ages afar, and I’m really looking forward to the new episodes to come. In the meantime, here are the last two episodes of the second season, through which we can analyze Lily’s outfits.

Valley Girls [1] is definitely one of my favourite episodes ever, because most of the plot is focused on Lily’s past. When she was a teenager, in 1983, she lived in Los Angeles with her mother; her father Rick and Cece were divorced and her sister, Carol, had left home. The opening scene sees young Lily (the role is played by Brittany Snow) calling her father because she has been expelled by the private school she has been attending. In the flashbacks, we get to know Carol, Carol’s friend and Keith Van der Woodsen, who will become her husband and father of her children. The memories from the past keep on haunting the adult Lily during the whole episode, as she thinks about her relationship with Serena (who is still in jail) and Cece.

In the first scene, Lily goes to jail to bail Serena out. S is not happy to see her mother, and Lily will soon be unhappy, when Cece shows up (S has called her).

Here Lily is sporting the same outfit she was wearing at the end of the previous episode: she added a brown cashmere scarf, her trusty Hermès Birkin bag in Etoupe and her Medor watch to the brown cashmere cardigan, black top and trousers.

The second outfit seen on Lily is heavenly. I’ve always thought blondes shouldn’t wear black or yellow clothes, because I think they wash them out, but this time everything is perfect in her outfit.

She was wearing a dove grey tank and a white cashmere cardigan. She paired them with a gorgeous diamante necklace and diamond stud earrings. This is one of the simplest looks seen on her, but it’s so effortlessly chic. You know I love china, and I’ve chosen the screencap above where she’s holding a teacup and saucer in her hand, because the teacup is so nice, with that butterfly painted on it. It reminds me of Villeroy & Boch Wildberries collection – which I own – decorated with wildberries, dragonflies and tiny butterflies.

In this scene, first she argues with Cece (who told Rufus about their love child), then she receives a phone call from Dan. In this screencap, here is another Hermès moment: she takes her phone out of the Birkin bag in Etoupe. This bag has appeared several times in the show, but each time I see it, I drool over it.

Lily shows up at Rufus’ loft: she knows he’s mad at her and she also knows he wanted to propose to her, but didn’t. Lily is going through a rough moment: she thinks she’s behaving with S just like her mother behaved with her when she was a teenager (from the flashbacks, we learn that Lily was arrested for trespassing Keith Van der Woodsen’s property), and this terrifies her. In this scene, she’s wearing a beige trench coat with untrimmed hems over the white/dove grey outfit.

Lily asked her mother to leave New York and never to come back, but now she realizes her mistake, because she loves her. They meet just before Cece leaves and Lily apologizes.  In these screenshots we can see she is also wearing her Christian Louboutin Simple pumps in cream. As usual, I love her messy bun!

The Goodbye, Gossip Girl [2] is the 25th and last episode of the season. To tell you the truth, I was quite disappointed when I watched it, because I was expecting some more dramatic, not all that useless and predictable chaos about the text messages from Gossip Girl during the graduation ceremony. In any case, the closing scene is what we were all waiting for – Chuck saying Blair he loves her – and that is enough. As for Lily and Rufus, they are going through a rough patch, because Rufus has decided not to propose to Lily anymore. For this reason, during the ceremony, they have words with one another all the time.

Here Lily’s outfit is flawless: she was wearing a Vera Wang black dress with asymmetrical neckline. She also sported diamond stud earrings and her trademark updo.

She completed the outfit with a gorgeous Bounkit necklace, with faceted lemon quartz.

Later in the episode, Lily pays a visit to Rufus: they speak about their past and future, finally make it up and Rufus proposes to her.

She arrives to Rufus’ loft with some bottles of beer, which nicely contrast with her lady-like outfit – a black coat and her lovely Hermès Kelly bag in black.

The following scene is the last one in which she appears. It is set a week later the previous scene: Rufus has given Lily a proper engagement ring and here she’s admiring it.

The outfit she was wearing is very similar to the one she had sported in The Serena Also Rises (do you remember it? Ruffled blouse and printed skirt). The only exciting thing here is the necklace, a Bounkit piece with rose quartz beads and tiny turquoise details.

I love this engagement ring, so unpretentions yet beautiful. It is nothing if compared to the stunning diamond ring she got from Bart Bass in Roman Holiday, but it’s clear Rufus doesn’t care about karats (and doesn’t have the money to afford something more expensive).

While we’re waiting for the new episodes to be aired, the cast of Gossip Girl is hard at work in New York. Kelly was spotted some days ago while shooting a scene with Connor Paolo, who plays the part of Eric.

I don’t like her outfit, too dark for my liking, but the accessories are to die for. She wore a long blue coat, a blue scarf, grey pants and Christian Louboutin Ron Ron pumps in patent grey leather.

The bag she toted is a surprise to me: I’ve always known Loro Piana for cashmere clothing, but the brand produces gorgeous (and hand-made) bags, too! I’ve read more than positive reviews of Loro Piana bags, which are very appreciated for the utmost quality (similar to Hermès’) and for the classic styles. Kelly was toting a La Belle bag in dove grey. I would have chosen it in red for adding a pop of colour to the dark ensemble.

Kelly and Connor were also spotted on the set off duty. In this pic, she wore more comfortable shoes, a pair of Tod’s Gommini moccasins in dark grey. I’ve never liked moccasins, but these are perfect for Kelly, as they embody her relaxed and understated elegance.

What do you think of the outfits in the last two episodes? Are you counting down the return of the show?

[1] The title comes from Valley Girl (1983) by Martha Coolidge, starring Nicholas Cage and Deborah Foreman, who plays the role of Julie Richman, the quintessential Valley girl. This term, coined in the 80s, usually refers to hedonistic, self-centered, material and cute girls who show more interest in shopping, personal appearance and social status than in intellectual development or personal accomplishment. Here you can find a list of fictional Valley girls.

[2] The Goodbye Girl (1978), a comedy by Herbert Ross starring Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason, is the source of inspiration for the title of the episode.





    1. You’re welcome! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for “The Hurt Locket” (3×13) to be aired. Now that the time is coming, I’m so impatient!

  1. Random question, superqueen, I was wondering if you knew what movie title the episode titled Pret-a-Poor-J is a play on?

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