From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (2.21 –> 2.23)

I usually never complain about the slowness of time: with a daughter, a husband, teaching at school, doing the homework and so on, each and every day passes in a blink of an eye. But when it comes to the loooong hiatus of Gossip Girl, things are different: my perception is that eons have passed since the last episode. Now that March 8th is coming, curiosity is growing more and more.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at the outfits our favourite character sported in the second part of the second season. This is the next-to-last post about the second season, there are only two episodes left and we’ve finished.

Seder Anything [1] is one of my favourite episodes, because lots of different plots intertwine. Serena has a new boyfriend, Gabriel, who will have an important part in the next episodes as well. Lily doesn’t know anything about this, and she’s still mad at Serena for her escapade in Spain. The episode opens with Lily and Rufus coming home after a shopping session.

This is the first episode in which Kelly Rutherford – who was pregnant at the time of filming – was actually wearing maternity clothes, nice pieces in a perfect Lily’s style. In this scene, she is wearing a batwing cable sweater by Isabella Oliver.

The sandals she has just bought are the Corsica sandals by Jimmy Choo, a strappy style in black and green.

The accessories that complete this comfy outfit are a Nancy Gonzalez purple crocodile handbag, a semiprecious-stone necklace with a flower-shaped clasp and two Bounkit bracelets – one with amethysts and one with moon-stones.

She also wears other two pieces by Bounkit – a pair of flower earrings and a gorgeous necklace with oval crystals and a beaded flower. The necklace seen on Lily has a different colour combination – not smoky topaz, but amethyst.

The central event is the Passover Seder dinner at the Waldorfs, a Jewish ritual family feast usually held in late March or early April. Eleonor invites Rufus and Lily, but Serena [2] is there, too. Even Dan is there, as a cater waiter, because he’s trying to raise extra money for Yale. The drama comes from the fact that each character is unaware of what is happening (Rufus doesn’t know that Dan is there, Lily doesn’t know Serena is a guest at the dinner, and so on).

In this complicated part of the episode, Lily is wearing a Magaschoni hammered top in purple satin and sports her trademark updo. The gorgeous taupe brown bag she totes in this scene is by VBH. The brand is famous for its lovely envelope clutches, but it produces gorgeous satchels and hobos as well.

Lily chooses a statement necklace and earrings to make the simple dress special. I love the Bounkit multi-strand necklace with emeralds and citrine stones: it has a gorgeous removable flower-shaped brooch as ornament. I think the choice of lemon quartz earrings is quite peculiar – green and yellow with a purple dress? – but the final result works.

At the end of the dinner, the truth about Dan comes out and Lily spends some time speaking to him in the Waldorfs’ kitchen. In this scene, she’s wearing a beige collarless Grace coat,  another piece by Isabella Oliver.

In Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [3], the complicated plot of the previous episode is getting even more complicated. Lily and Rufus want to know Gabriel, and she invites him to a party the following day. He’s very focused on his job (installing wireless and other new technologies in the developing world), but we’ll soon learn the truth.

I love Lily’s outfit: she’s wearing a colourful printed blouse, hoop earrings with charms, a semi-precious stone necklace with a leaf-shaped clasp and red hot lipstick. It’s quite different from the neutral outfits she’s sported so far, so it’s a refreshing change.

The blouse is by Elie Tahari. The rest of the outfit is not visible, because Lily has a blanket on her knees, another trick to hide the actress’ baby bump.

Lily’s party follows a co-op meeting. Gabriel takes advantages of the event to find new investors for his latest business, but the truth is that he’s just trying to steal money from unaware possible investors, there’s no business in the developing world.

Lily is wearing a short-sleeved black dress, with an interesting cut-out decoration on the back.

She’s also wearing two gorgeous Bounkit pieces – an emerald multi-strand necklace, with onyx and diamond clasp, and onyx and topaz earrings. I am in love with the astounding Van Cleef & Arpels diamond jewellery she owns, but I really like these pieces, much more in my style.

Blair and Chuck arrive at the party, and try to warn Serena about Gabriel: they say he’s hiding something, but Serena doesn’t give them credit. The screencap below sees Blair admiring a piece of Lily’s art collection.

This is the infamous Stepping Up by Marilyn Minter, a painter/photographer famous for the sexual and erotic imagery in her works. As a photograher, she only works with film and conventional darkroom processes (she doesn’t use Photoshop or other digital image processing programs), while as an artist she works on negatives with Photoshop and turns them into paintings through the layering of enamel paint on aluminum. She worked with Tom Ford and Madonna (the Sticky and Sweet tour opening video included some excerpts from Minter’s Green Pink Caviar). She also teamed up with MAC in the Fall 2009 collection.

You may have noticed this is not the only Minter piece in Van der Woodsen’s apartment.

The silvery glittering eye panting/photograph hanging from a wall in Serena’s bedroom is by Minter, too.

In The Wrath of Con [4] things are getting worse and worse for Serena: Gabriel has disappeared with the money he raised at Lily’s party, and she is even arrested at the end of the episode. Some hidden truths in Rufus and Lily’s relationship will come out, too. The opening scene sees Lily sitting at her desk and handing Serena an antique bracelet as a present for accepting to go to Brown University. The girl can’t tell her mother what happened and walks out with the jewel.

In the last episodes of the second season it’s nearly impossible to have a full-figure shot, because Kelly was pregnant with Helena, so some tricks were used to hide her belly bump (the desk, for example, or the blanket in the previous episode). In this scene, she is wearing a lovely beige jacket with a wide collar, a white blouse, black pants and her trusty Christian Louboutin Miss Tack patent pumps.

The necklace is another Bounkit piece, with light and dark smokey topaz.

Lily is trying to manage what happened by paying Gabriel’s investors back herself and by giving dividends of $ 5,000 a month to Rufus, but Serena, Chuck and Blair want to get the money back from Gabriel and Poppy with a complicated scheme including Georgina Sparks. In all this, Dan is the only one who goes to Lily and explains what is happening.

During a walk, Dan and Lily discuss about the trouble caused by Gabriel. I love Lily’s outfit in this scene, because it’s timelessly elegant. She’s wearing J Brand skinny jeans, a gorgeous beige trench coat with white trims, a white blouse, a grey ruffled scarf and Christian Louboutin Miss Tack pumps.

She’s also giving us an impressive Hermès moment, because she’s wearing her Medor watch and carrying her Birkin bag in Etoupe. The ruffled cashmere wrap under her coat is by Magaschoni.

In the final part of the episode, Rufus – who wants to propose to Lily – discovers Lily’s scheme not to let him know about the stolen money. They fight because he doesn’t want Lily to protect him, but their fight is interrupted by a phone call from a police station: Serena has been arrested.

Here Lily is wearing a comfortable outfit – black top and trousers, and a dark brown cashmere cardigan. Her wood beaded necklace is so nice! As for Serena’s arrest, we come to know that Lily has her arrested to keep her from getting into trouble with the scheme against Poppy and Gabriel.

What is your favourite Lily’s outfit in these three episodes?

[1] The title comes from Say Anything… (1989), the romance film by Cameron Crowe, starring John Cusak and Ione Skye. Do you love the infamous boombox scene as much as I do?

[2] Serena “married” Gabriel, Poppy’s ex-boyfriend, in a fake wedding ceremony in Spain and now she needs legal advice from Cyrus, because she wants to nullify the wedding.

[3] The title obviously comes from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) by Howard Hawk, starring the one of the best female couples ever, that is Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. The film is brilliant and filled with funny musical numbers, the most famous of which is the iconic Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friends. Madonna took inspiration from this number for one of her most impressive music videos, Material Girl (1985), directed by Mary Lambert.

[4] Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan (1982) by Nicholas Meyer is the source of inspiration for the title of this episode.





    1. Anche a me i gioielli Bounkit piacciono moltissimo, specie per le combinazioni di materiali (io amo le pietre dure e semipreziose) e di colori. La collana con spilla a forma di fiore è strepitosa.

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