Christina Aguilera’s Style: Leaving Crown Bar in Hollywood, 12/02/10

Last January was a pretty busy month for Christina, who attended the Golden Globe Awards and the Hope for Haiti Now telethon show, and kept on filming her upcoming movie Burlesque. This month things seem to have slowered down a bit: she’s still filming her movie, but no news about her album Bionic (the launch has been delayed once again). Last Friday, the day after the terrible news about Alexander McQueen’s suicide, she was spotted leaving the Crown Bar in Hollywood, sporting an outfit with which she payed homage to the British designer and to – guess who? – Michael Jackson.

I think it’s not coincidental that she decided to wear so symbolical items that day. Maybe she wanted to remember two famous artists she loved, both prematurely gone.

She was wearing a L’Agence jersey tee with Michael Jackson circa 1982, a black leather motorcycle jacket, black boots with gold thick heels and Current/Elliott The Skinny legging jeans in Jet Black Overdye Shredded. Shredded jeans seem to be not as trendy as they used to be some months ago, but Christina didn’t care and wore a pair the same.

The first thing of this casual outfit that struck my attention was her clutch. Christina is one of McQueen bags’ biggest fan: she has sported many of them, in particular colours and rare styles. I’m sure she heard of his death with lots of sadness.

In this case, she carried one of McQueen’s most lovely bags, the knuckle duster box clutch. I think it takes a genius (and McQueen was a genius) to incorporate such a violent object (knuckle dusters are weapons used in hand-to-hand combat) in an exquisite fashion accessory. The knuckle duster is embellished by three small metal skull sculptures and a large oval faceted rhinestone.

Knuckle dusters make this clutch precious, but they have been trasformed in a gorgeous ring, too. In this case, the three skull sculptures are the same as the ones on the clutch, but some details are different: the rhinestone is black, not white, and grey rhinestone decorated the central skull, not white rhinestones and a pearl.

It looks like Christina was not the only one who wore McQueen to commemorate his death. I don’t know who the dark haired girl in the pic below is, but she was sporting a pair of McQueen over-the-knee boots.

These come from the f/w 2009 collection and have been worn several times by Rihanna.

Before closing the post, just a thought about a mystery that is haunting me since the beginning of January 2010. A friend of mine gave me a link to a YouTube page, telling me the videos uploaded in this page could possibly be part of a viral campaign for the launch of Bionic. Since then, I’m completely obsessed by these mysterious and dark videos showing images related to fecundation, birth, nature, Wiccan-like atmospheres, and I’m obsessed by the mesmerizing electronic music as well.

The videos I’ve posted are the second and the third. Have you watched them? What are your opinions? Could it possibly be Christina’s work? As for the first three videos, I’m convinced she has a hand in them, because the girl in the second and third video really resembles her, but the fourth video, with a very different-looking girl, puzzles and confuses me.




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