Fabulous Lace Dress, Your Designer is Gone

Much to my dismay, this afternoon I learnt about Alexander McQueen’s death. I don’t want to express my feelings nor my thoughts, but something urges me to speak my mind about my favourite dress ever. I started reading fashion magazines at a very young age, I worked in a fashion company for three years, I’ve seen millions of dresses in my life, but the only one which has really left a mark on my mind was designed by McQueen. If you remember his magnificent fall 2006 collection [1], you will probably keep a record of the tiered lace dress seen on Raquel Zimmermann.

I don’t know if you share my opinion, but I truly believe this dress is pure perfection. It mirrors my personal idea of the way the perfect dress should be – long sleeves, floor lenght, train, tiny ruffles and lace. It’s not showy nor overtly sexy, but it exhudes refinement and charm.

The dress was paired to a veil with lace inserts, wrapped around the model’s face, and to white deer horns. The references to Scottish folklore, Pre-Raphaelite art, Shakespearean tragedies and Victoriana all mix in a flawless piece of sartorial art.

The British model Jacquetta Wheeler was the first lucky girl to wear this dress in real life, when she attended the Costume Institute Gala in New York on May 1st, 2006. The gala’s theme was Anglomania, and she perfectly matched it. You may remember McQueen arrived on the red carpet with Sarah Jessica Parker: they were both clad in tartan. She looked lovely, but for some reason I don’t think she fully emphasized the beauty of the dress.  Most of you will not agree with me, but the one who actually owned the dress was Ashley Olsen, when she wore it at the Art of Elysium’s 3rd Annual Charity Gala in Hollywood on January 16th, 2010.

Very long dresses usually are a no-no for short girls like Ashley, but I think she looked amazing. I love everything in this ensemble – the dress, of course, but also the soft hairstyle, beautifully contrasting with the vampy dark lips, the vintage black and gold frame clutch, the diamond earrings and Manolo Blahnik Hangisi yellow satin pumps.

The ruffled train add more drama to a very dramatic dress, but the result is heavenly, and I’m convinced it takes a genius to design such a balanced garment.

Here is a close-up on Ashley. Despite the black stain on the neckline, she’s lovely. I really like her make-up here, because it focuses on the features I prefer, cheeks and lips. Which lipstick do you think she was wearing?

If I think that we won’t see the results of Lee McQueen’s unstoppable creativity on the catwalk anymore, this world suddenly looks sadder than ever.

[1] Please take some time to watch the unbelievable show, closed by an hologram of Kate Moss (a piece by the video maker Baillie Walsh), appearing under a glass pyramid and disappearing into thin air like smoke.

Source, source and source.




    1. This event really struck me with surprise and sadness. I didn’t want to explain what I felt when I first heard about it (ok, maybe I can write it here: I read it on Twitter and I didn’t want to believe it was true, then I read it on Corriere.it and I screamed ‘noooo!’…My daughter was playing next to me, and she stared at me a little bit confused ;)), because I’m not very good at describing my feelings, but I had to remember the designer who made my favourite dress EVER!

  1. Telepatia, Terry.
    Ho pensato allo stesso meraviglioso vestito quando ho appreso la notizia.
    Quanto dolore doveva avere dentro per commettere un atto simile… io non ci credo ancora.

    1. E’ vero. Al di là dell’impatto che questo avrà sul mondo della moda e dell’immagine, solo pensare a quello che l’ha spinto verso un gesto del genere fa paura.

  2. I agree with the previous comments. Lovely post.

    PS I realize it’s not the right time and place, but I love your blog. It is so interesting and well written, which to me makes the difference. Congrats


  3. Ciao,
    mi spiace tornare qui dopo tanti mesi,commentando una notizia così triste.
    Mi aspettavo un tuo tributo.
    Come mi par già vuoto il fashion sistem senza di lui…

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