Christina Aguilera’s Style: Love for Head-Scarves

I’m sure many of you have always thought of Christina Aguilera as a talented singer, but not as a trend-setter or as an example of glamour. Since the Stripped phase of her career, she has often been criticized for being classless, wearing too much make-up, always trying hard to be sexy and so on. I agree with some of this criticism, but I must admit I actually like some of her most debated outfits. Take, for example, what happened to her style in 2004, during the transition from Stripped to Back to Basics: in a few months, she dyed her hair black, then red, then blonde, and starting experimenting with her look, leaving revealing and raunchy outfits behind and opting for a Forties/Fifties-inspired look.

Among the accessories she used most in 2004 there are headscarves, tied in several fashions.

In January, she left the Mercer Hotel in New York wearing sporty clothing – cropped sweatpants, a bomber jacket and a zip-up wool cardigan – paired to her two Luella Gisele bags (one white and one black) and Onitsuka Tiger black sneakers with green stripes. She wore a printed scarf as a bandanna, and then wore a wool cap on it; this reminds me of Axl Rose in the Nineties, who often wore a baseball cap on a printed cotton bandanna.

She wore comfy clothes in March, too, when she was spotted shopping at Toys ‘r Us in Los Angeles. She wore cropped cargo pants, a belly-baring tank top, a plaid shirt (I’m right when I say she is obsessed with plaid shirts!) and Havaianas white flip flops. She completed this outfit wearing a red bandanna, printed in white, as headscarf. In this picture, the scarf covers her red hair, not the best colour for her.

In May 2004 she still was a redhead and still wore scarves. This shot was taken while she was leaving the Ivy restaurant in Hollywood: she wore khaki cargo pants and a long-sleeved white tee. I’m not a fan of underwear showing, but I absolutely love the way she tied the polka-dotted scarf on her head. Many have sarcastically defined this look as a modern version of Rosie the Riveter [1], but I don’t think there’s something wrong with it. Rosie is an American feminist icon, symbol of all the women who worked during the World War II to support their country, and I’m sure this comparison flattered Christina.

She has always been accused of wearing too much make-up, but this is not the case. I’m drooling over her cheeks and highlighed eyes (I smell some NARS Copacabana multiple here ;)).

She sported the same accessory some days later, when she was spotted leaving a restaurant in Malibu. This time she wore a nice ruffled striped shirt and a scarf printed in green and yellow on her head, ending in a cute knot. I love her make-up here: that red shiny lipstick is mesmerizing.

In June she wore a headscarf again, while attending the launch of Dirty Sue olive juice. She wore a white t-shirt with a giraffe and “Deep Throat” printed on it [2], a red velvet skirt and pink peep-toe pumps. Many have harshly criticized this outfit, because she didn’t wear a bra under her tee. I’m not a fan of this habit, but I think the overall outfit is nice, even if it’s clear she wore the first clothes she found at hand.

She wore a pink and red printed scarf, and added cute pink heart-shaped earrings to the look. I know many of you will disagree, but I love her make-up here: I’m a sucker for bright blushes and I’m drooling over the one she wore in this pic.

Later that year, she dyed her hair blonde, but still sported headscarves. In August she was spotted in Beverly Hills, wearing cropped jeans, pink flip flops and a plain white tee (no bra again). She wore a pink and grey printed scarf as a bandanna, and sunglasses. I think this is a transitional look, that will be fully developed during the Back to Basics phase of her career.

In 2007 Candyman was released as the third single from Back to Basics, after Ain’t No Other Man and Hurt. The video was directed by Matthew Rolston and was based on a Forties/World War II theme: Christina paid homage to the Andrew Sisters and to pin-ups. Her look in the sequence set in a diner was inspired by Rosie the Riveter, which she homaged flexing her biceps, too. In this scene, Christina and her dancers all wear cropped jeans, belly-baring front-tied shirts and bandannas as headscarves. Even if you’re not a Christina fan, you must admit this video is lovely.

The headscarf trend has never been popular among celebrities. The only exception is Amy Winehouse, who sported scarves on her head in 2008. Like Christina, she changed hair colour several times, from black to blonde to pink. She used scarves simply as head accessories or to cover her massive beehive up.

I’ve always loved scarves and I have quite an extensive collection of them. One of my favourite is the iconic Flora silk scarf by Gucci, with the amazing floral print (but some butterflies and dragon-flies peep in) designed by the Italian painter Vittorio Accornero in 1966. This print was designed to fulfil a wish of Grace Kelly: the actress/princess visited the Gucci store in Milan and, when asked by Rodolfo Gucci what she would like to be given as present, she answered a scarf printed in bright colours. There was no sign of such a print in Gucci collections, so Rodolfo asked Accornero to design it, and the artist did it in one night only. He took inspiration from one of the most famous Italian paintings, La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli. Two summers ago, while in vacation in Sardinia, I wore it as a headscarf, copying Christina’s style. If you want to re-create this look, you can watch this nice tutorial by Kandee Johnson.

What do you think of headscarves? Do you like them or do you think they are a nightmare from the past? Have you ever sported one?

[1] Kelly Rowland has recently embodied Rosie in a photoshoot with Derek Blanks.

[2] She wore the same t-shirt while attending a Madonna concert in Los Angeles in 2004.

Source and source.




    1. The song is catchy and the video is gorgeous, even though the video I prefer is “Fighter”, directed by Floria Sigismondi.

    1. Whenever I listen to “Hurt”, I always cry, no joke, because her voice is amazing and the lyrics are so meaningful and deep. The video didn’t impress me much, though, I can’t explain why.

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