Oui, Je Suis Une NARS-issist!

I’ve always been a fan of fashion magazines, and I’ve always looked forward to issues presenting the collections of the upcoming seasons. Now I’ve replaced magazines with Style.com, but the passion and that sense of thrilled anticipation are still there. Since I’ve become a make-up junkie, I feel the same anticipation when new collections are released and, being a NARS-issist, all my attention usually goes to my favourite brand.

I know some pictures of the spring 2010 collection can be found online (and I am honestly eager to try a couple of products), but for the moment here is the collection released for Holiday 2009.


The look sported by Heather Marks was created by Diane Kendal. I love it, because the shimmering bronze eyeshadows and the bright cheeks (the make-up artist used the Multiple in Copacabana and Cap Vert, and the blush in Deep Throat) beautifully contrast with the muted lips.

The Holiday 2009 collection is all about the eyes, with three eyeshadow duos (in dark and shimmering tones), a cream eyeshadow and three Soft Touch shadow pencils, a brand new product.


The eyeshadow duos are Taïga (pale gold frost and gold infused pewter), Brousse (sable and black violet) and Eurydice (electric aubergine and graphite). The three Soft Touch pencils include Aigle Noir (black infused with gold shimmer), Skorpios (iridescent copper) and Goddess (glistening pink champagne). The cream eyeshadow is Mousson, a beautiful silver sage; I’ve never tried NARS cream eyeshadows, but I’d love to wear this one. The collection also includes two new shades of velvet matte lip pencils – Pop Life (shimmering true red) and Toundra (metallic burgundy), a Multiple in Luxor (iridescent pink) and a nail polish in Rouge Andalou (candy apple red).

As a NARS-issist, I couldn’t resist when the collection came out, and I bought two items – the velvet matte lip pencil in Pop Life and the Soft Touch pencil in Aigle Noir. Here they are, along with the most recent additions to my collections.

Is it only me who secretly gets thrilled whenever I see a NARS case closed? There’s always the uncontrollable desire to see what hides in there…

And here are the products in full display. You can see two new shades of blush (NARS blushes are seriously an addiction), two dual ended lip glosses, a red lipstick (another obsession of mine), the two pencils I was referring to before and a liquid eye-liner.

The new shades of blush are Deep Throat (peach with shimmer) and Sin (berry with gold shimmer). I’ve been using Sin for some time now and I love it. It has been sitting in my make-up drawer for several months but – for some reasons – I hardly reached for it. I’ve recently given it another try and I’ve changed my first – not so positive – impression. As for Deep Throat, along with Angelika and Lovejoy, it is a blush I’ve been looking for for ages, so I guess you’ll understand my excitement when I could lay my hands on it. As you can see from the picture, I’ve been using it since I bought it, the pan has a small dip. I think it’s the softer version of Orgasm, with gold shimmer and without the pinky tone. It doesn’t immediately show on me, but 2/3 swipes are enough to give me a beautiful glow.

I’m not really a fan of NARS lipglosses, but I’ve recently bought the dual ended lipgloss in Turkish Delight (pink sorbet) and Dirty Shame (metallic garnet), because I like the color combo. Turkish Delight is one of the cult shades of the brand, so much hyped because it is one of Kim Kardashian’s favourite lipglosses (and don’t we all adore her make-up?). On me, this pink sorbet simply disappears: once applied, it’s actually milky pink, but after some minutes, my lips “drink” it and just a bare shine remains. Disappointing! I like Dirty Shame better because the colour is brighter and the shimmering has a good staying power.

I received the other dual ended lipgloss in sample size – in Greek Holiday (sparkling pink sand) and Chihuahua (guava) – as a swap extra. They are both nice and very wearable: I use Greek Holidays on top of neutral peach lipsticks (like MAC 4N) and Chihuahua alone (the colour is very juicy).

Fire Down Below (pure blood red) is the fourth red NARS lipstick I own and it has confirmed my opinion: it is absolutely fantastic, because the colour is deep cool red (I hate orange-based red lipsticks) and the staying power is stunning; the only downside is that it is a bit drying on my lips and the texture is a little too thick, but I still love it to bits. The same cannot be said of Pop Life. I can’t figure out what is the problem with it, but it really has disappointed me. I was looking for a shimmering substitute for Cruella (one of the best reds I’ve ever worn), but this is not it: it’s slightly metallic, but it looks muted and pink/orange-y on my lips. I’ve put it up for swap, I hope someone else can enjoy it.

Equus (shimmering blackened olive) is the first NARS eye-liner I’ve ever tried and I’m happy with it: the colour is gorgeous, natural and not too shimmering. I’ve recently used it in a very simple and neutral eye make-up, pairing to MAC pigments in Cocomotion and Vanilla, and it gave my eyes a nice soft look. I’m a die-hard fan of black eye-liner [1], but this is a good substitute for softer looks.

Aigle Noir (black infused with gold shimmer) is another miss, because I still have to figure out how to use it. I used it as a liner, but the application was uneven; I used it as a base for powder eye-shadow, but it didn’t work at all. I should use it after applying an eye-shadow base, but I have strong doubts it will ever work, which is a pity, because the colour is great.

Here are some shots of Equus with a different lighting – with flash and at daylight. I apply it with MAC 209 brush, because its consistency is liquid gel.

Before closing, here is an oddity. Last week, my dear friend Antonella watched some episodes of Sex and the City and she told me something I had never realized before: Carrie is a NARS addict, too! Here is the proof.

This shot comes from the opening scene of Drama Queens (3×07): Carrie opens the drawer of her writing desk and some unmistakable black cases can be seen inside. I guess two of them were blushes (it is said that Sarah Jessica Parker used Orgasm in the series) but, given the shape of the cases, they could also be eye-shadow duos, Albatross, pressed powders or powder foundations The small pot cannot be other than a lip lacquer. It would be nice to know if she actually wore one (and which one) in the show.

[1] I’m a NARS-issist but I am a MAC devotee, too. Some staples of my make-up are by MAC – the Studio Moisture Tint in Medium, the Mineralize Skin Finish in Sunny by Nature, the Paint Pot in Painterly (one of the greatest make-up products ever made) and the Fluidline eye-liner in Blacktrack. As a black eye-liner fan, I’ve tried lots of different formulas, but this is the absolute best.




  1. Oh Super, you can read in my mind!

    When I have started to read your post I have immediately thought:
    “Maybe she will quote that episode from Sex&theCity.”
    Whenever I watch that episode I think to you : )

    1. Do you know the truth? I honestly couldn’t remember that detail! If it wasn’t for my friend’s suggestion, I would have completely skipped those NARS cases in the drawer, maybe because, when I watched Sex and the City, I wasn’t a NARS fan.

  2. Terry, I was wondering if maybe Aigle Noir is like the greasepaint from MAC, it almost looks like it…I had a make up made at the store and the girl used it on me advising to put it straight on the lid, with no base or primer beneath and then smudging it with a brush to get a very deep smoky look. She did a gorgeous job…needless to say that the result at home was poor, I couldn’t blend it properly with the eye shadow and I didn’t use it ever since.
    Maybe I should look for a tutorial…

    1. I’ve never tried a greasepaint, but I suppose it’s more or less the same.
      Did the make-up artist apply powder eyeshadow on the greasepaint? I tried to use Aigle Noir as a base for powder eyeshadow, too, but the result was ugly 😦

      1. Yes, she used black tied eye shadow and as I told you the result was brilliant… The problem is I couldn’t do the same even if I tried to remember every passage.

      2. Black Tied is to die for. Along with Haunting (from the McQueen collection), it is the only MAC eyeshadow I own and I love it!

        Now I have to try it with Aigle Noir…

  3. never tried them. Im pretty fine with :
    mascara ysl faux cils (or l’oreal voluminous)
    foundation chanel creme poudre color Claire
    chanel blush color BeBop

    I dont use anything else.

    Sometimes I like glittery stuff like sephora eyeshadow color silver or peach

  4. they are OK, not fantastic. they are expensive though. thats what buggers me about “high fashion” makeup. they cost a lot of money but they are not super spectacular.
    I hate Mac foundations, they look so yellow on me. bleah. and I hate Clinique, and Dior. Havent tried the rest and not planning to. I dont like makeup in general Im quite fine with rimmel and maybelline. I use that chanel blush cos it was a gift, and that chanel foundation cos is the only one that match my skin tone. I do like nailpolish. glittery nailpolish is what makes me happy at the moment 🙂

    1. I’ve never tried MAC foundation, but I’ve been using MAC Studio Moisture Tint (a tinted moisturizer) for some months and I love it.

      Thanks for letting me know about Chanel blushes. I’ve always wanted to try one, but if it’s not spectacular, I won’t buy it. I don’t care for high-end make-up items, I just want what I buy to work for me. Well, I guess I’ll stick to NARS blushes, they’re the best.

      I love glittering nail polish, too. Today I’m planning to try China Glaze “Ruby Pumps”. I’ll let you know 😉

  5. Moi aussi!
    Actually i want almost every Nars product i see and i have been so good in resisting temptations.
    Every makeup line has its strong points, definitely Nars has the its in blushes and multiples, offering a quite large range of colors and textures, i love mattes like Zen, a beautiful contour shade, and Gilda. As wrote in flickr, i’m not a huge fan of orgasm, the shade is beautiful but i don’t believe in the theory of “universally flattering shade”, i found orgasm too dark for my skintone and it looks pink on my cheeks, i love pink but in my cheeks. Deep throat is exactly what i was looking for when i bought Orgasm, i can understand your feelings!
    About Velvet matte lip pencil in Pop life, i can say is gorgeous and i love the finishing, i found it better than MAC cremestick liner and don’t dry my lips at all. I’m looking for the velvet matte lip pencil in Dolce vita, but is currently out of stock at sephora here in Paris and in the Nars onlineshop.

    Today i got my last Nars purchase, with the same complimentary gloss, i bought my first Nars foundation, “Sheer glow foundation” in Siberia, cause the heartless Mr. Mac discontinued my beloved Select moistureblend.
    Have you tried Nars foundations?

    1. NARS blushes and Multiples are to die for, but I’m a big fan of NARS red lipsticks, too, because their shades (I own four of them) are so unique!

      Totally agree with your opinion about Orgasm. It can’t be a universally flattering shade simply because every woman has got her own unique skin tone and that peachy-pink cannot suit everybody. For example, when I wear it in summer, it is barely visible, but it’s nice on my skin in winter.

      As for the *perfect* blush shade, I think Deep Throat and Torrid are what I was looking for when I bought Orgasm. I also love using Sin and Taj Mahal (when paired to Orgasm, it’s a bomb!).

      Unfortunately there are no NARS counters here in Italy, as you may know, so I’ve never tried their foundations. I buy anything else online, but I think foundations must be tried in real life, because it’s not easy to find the shade which exactly matches your skin tone. I’ve never tried MAC foundations either, but I’m happy with their Studio Moisture Tint, a tinted moisturizing cream which I’ve been using since last September.

  6. It’s true, every woman is unique and the real beauty is enhance our peculiarities, but we always want what we can’t have.
    I saw in your pic how beautifully Taj mahal and Orgasm shows on your skin, you remind me the gorgeous Maria Callas in Pasolini’s Medea.

    The life of a make up enthusiast in a bit stressfull in Italy, i know, actually i live in France and every month, when i back home, i have many request from friends about brands not available in Italy, like Nars, Illamasqua (i love their blushes and cream eyeshadows) and OPI.
    Me too i’m not dare enough to buy a foundation i never tried.
    I wonder why there’s no trustworthy reviews about Nars foundations online…

    1. To be honest, I’ve never read rants about NARS foundations, and this is another reason why I haven’t bought one so far.

      Being a make-up junkie in Italy is frustrating. Apart from NARS (which is not sold in any counter), there are a few MAC stores and no online store, absurd! Last September I went to Venice expressly to buy some items I needed at MAC, and it took me more than one hour by train to get there. Now I’m lemming a couple of lipsticks and lipglosses from the upcoming “All Ages, All Races, All Sexes” but I don’t think I’ll go to Venice just to buy them. There are a couple of shops selling professional items for beauticians in my area which sell OPI nail polishes, but I prefer buying them on eBay. China Glaze nail polishes, on the other hand, are nowhere to be found.
      In perfumeries you can only find high-end lines, which have nothing to do (in quality and colour range) with MAC and NARS. I actually like Chanel lipsticks, lipglosses, eye shadows and nail polishes, but that’s it.

      I’m glad you’ve appreciated my experiment with Taj Mahal and Orgasm in that photo on Flickr, and I’m extremely flattered by the comparison with the divine Maria Callas 😀

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