From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (1.18 – Much “I Do” About Nothing)

After writing in detail of Lily Van der Woodsen’s style in the first season of Gossip Girl, here it comes, least but not last, the post about the season finale, Much “I Do” About Nothing [1]. This is for sure one of my favourite episodes ever, because all the sub-plots take a turn, waiting for the new season to start.

The first scene with Lily is a classic OMG moment, because she’s lying in bed with Rufus, just before getting married to Bart. She’s understandably freaked out by this, but she won’t change her mind about the upcoming wedding.

In this scene she wears her black underwear and a single jewel, Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra pendant in white gold and mother-of-pearl, which she has already worn before.

Bart knows there’s something about Lily and asks her if he should sell the old building he loves. He wants to know if she’s still willing to become his wife and to forget Rufus. We all know the answer Lily would like to give him, but – damn social conventions and convenience – she agrees.

In this scene she’s wearing a short-sleeved peach dress, which she accessorizes with beige pumps and a beaded necklace.

The bag she’s carrying is an iconic piece by Salvatore Ferragamo, the Marisa bag in straw with leather details.

When the big day arrives, everything is perfect, but such perfection hides secrets and untold truths. I don’t know the location of the event, but the ceremony takes place in a heavenly garden, under an arcade decorated by white wisteria.

Lily is pure perfection when she walks the aisle: she’s wearing the stunning Vera Wang we’ve already seen in All About My Brother, diamond jewellery and has her hair swept up in a chic updo. Her bouquet is small and romantic, made of white flowers (I’ve spotted some lilies of the valley) and green leaves. Look at Blair’s expression in the screencap above, she’s so impressed!

The taffeta dress comes from Vera Wang spring 2008 bridal collection:  the original model has been modified in the draping of the skirt, embellished by white silk flowers. I walked the aisle wearing an extremely simple dress (a white version of the severe uniform of Fraulein Rottenmeier, one of the characters of the 1974 anime Alps no Shojo Heidi [2]), because I’m short and dramatic wedding dresses are a no-no for me, but I think this one is breathless.

Here are several images of Lily wearing the dress. Just before the ceremony, Rufus visits her and asks her not to marry Bart. She has a million reasons why she wants to marry Bart, so she dismisses her true love, repeating she loves him, but is still willing to marry her betrothed. In this shot we can see how intricate is the draping on the bodice, stunning.

Even if it’s clear that the bride and bridegroom are not in love with each other, isn’t this dancing moment romantic? All the more romantic as Chuck enjoys the scene from a corner of the reception hall.

Lily is incredibly beautiful in this episode, but stunning in this shot. Note the champagne glass on the table, which she keeps within reach in the scenes before the wedding.

Her hairstyle is the classic Lily updo with a central parting, decorated by white small orchids, sublime!

In the rest of the season, Lily’s passion for Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery has emerged and will become one of her trademarks in the second season. For her big day, she couldn’t choose but Van Cleef & Arpels diamond jewels to make the outfit more stunning than ever. She rocked orchid-shaped clip earrings (taking up the orchids in her hair), a necklace and a bracelet from the Snowflake collection.

The wedding doesn’t close the episode, because we get to know what happens to the characters a week after the event. Lily and Bart are leaving for their holidays abroad and stop at the Palace Hotel to say goodbye to Chuck. In this scene, Lily has a nice summery outfit.

Her style is impeccable as usual: she wears Tory Burch Dorelia dress in dark blue, with a plunging neckline and a contrasting dotted decoration on the front. The accessories she chose are simple and chic as well.

Lily always totes beautiful bags, which are Hermès most of the time, but sometimes she “betrays” her favourite brand for other high-end labels: in Victor Victrola she carried a Chanel 2.55 flap bag in red and in Woman on the Verge she sported a Chanel 2.55 reissue flap bag in dark purple. This time she carries a Louis Vuitton Jasmin bag in white Epi leather, an unexpected and classy choice. Then she gives us the last Hermès moment of the season, wearing the iconic Collier de Chien cuff bracelet in white leather and silver hardware, a piece coming from Kelly Rutherford’s Hermès personal collection.

Writing about Lily’s style in the first season of Gossip Girl has been quite a trip, but keep checking my blog for updates, because I already have the first episodes of the second season in store for you.

[1] When I was a child, I loved this anime! At the time I didn’t know the layout had been done by the master Hayao Miyazaki. In the Seventies he also directed episodes of the first and second Rupan Sansei (Lupin III) series, designed and directed the first of his masterpieces, the anime Mirai Shōnen Konan (Future Boy Conan), one of my favourite anime ever.

[2] The title pays homage to William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy Much Ado About Nothing, and contains a pun referring to the traditional wedding formula.

Source, source, source and source.




  1. My god, that wedding dress is absolutely stunning.
    I love everything: the style, the colour, also her hairdo and the jewels are choosen with such a good taste.

    1. Me too, because it’s a nice bag, with a very classic shape. Thank God, it’s not a monogrammed bag (but her younger self used LV luggage in Valley Girls) ;P

  2. Gosh. I have long adored Lily’s style. She’s the only character on TV who dresses in a way that I find both beautiful and interesting. I’ve only just now discovered your blog and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am – I’ll be writing heaps of comments because I, like you, am very passionate about Lily Van der Woodsen’s style. : )

    1. It’s awesome to know someone else shares my passion for her style.

      All your comments are more than welcome 🙂

  3. I’m so happy to have found your site. Among all the characters in Gossip girl, Lily is my favorite – classy, elegant but not boring.

  4. Is there any way to find out where the beaded necklace is from that Lily is wearing with the peach dress in the photos above? I want one!

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