Christina Aguilera’s Style: At TAO Club in Las Vegas, 31/12/09

Before starting this post about Christina Aguilera’s style at New Year’s Eve, I’d like to wish my readers a very happy and healthy new year!

I spent the last day of 2009 at home with my husband and with Miss B (my beloved daughter), busy with cooking and eating and just enjoying the time with them. When the clock marked midnight, I was sitting in my kitchen and milk-feeding B, who is twenty-two months old but sometimes still asks for her feeding bottle at night. No parties nor glittering dresses for me, then, just a quiet night at home.

Christina Aguilera has become a mother just two months before me, but she’s a star and she spent New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, hosting a party at TAO nightclub, at the Venetian Palace Hotel. When I first see the pics of Christina posing on the red carpet, I was disappointed by her dress, because I was expecting something more original and crazier, not just an ordinary black slip dress (a Moschino piece).

Dress apart, she looked stunning. I really love her new haircut and I also like her make-up, with the trademark red lips and pink cheeks, made brighter by highlighter. I am not very keen on the eye make-up, especially on the black liner smudged on the lower lids, because I don’t think it suits her.

On the other hand, I am drooling over her eyelashes, which are so thick. It’s clear she was wearing eyelashes, but the final result is amazing and not artificial at all.

What really wowed me is the amazing diamond and white gold necklace she was wearing. It is a creation by Stephen Webster, Christina’s favourite jeweller, who often makes special pieces for her. This necklace is part of the Jules Verne collection and is inspired by the sea underworld.

You’ve probably seen pics of Christina and Nicole Richie posing for the photographers on the red carpet. Nicole wasn’t a guest at Christina’s party, but she hosted her own bash at the LAVO Club in the adjoining Palazzo Hotel. Guests of the two parties were allowed go from the one to the other after midnight. I love the two of them together, because they are beautiful in a completely different manner.

It’s not a surprise they hosted parties in adjoining clubs, because they have a lot in common: their first-born children were born in the same hospital (Harlow was born on January 11th, 2008, while Max was born the day after), they often share tips about the upbringing of their children, and they have the same stylist, Simone Harouche. Nicole’s style is simpler than Christina’s and not as flamboyant as hers, but it’s personal and original. For this event, she wore a bronze sequined long-sleeved mini dress, a piece from her upcoming clothing line Winter Kate, and black opaque tights.

Nicole has often stated she is a master in applying eye liner, so her make-up usually focuses on the eyes, which are made up in natural shades, with a thick black line. The rest of the face is kept natural, with a peach-coloured lipstick and blush. I am glad she ditched her blonde locks for this dark hair colour, because I think she’s sexier and more intense as a brunette.

When posing one next to the other, we can see how different their styles are, but they share a passion for sky-high heels: Christina chose to wear the red/black/green version of Christian Louboutin Calypso pumps (she also has the blue/black version), while Nicole opted for Yves Saint Laurent Trib Two pumps.

They both attended their parties with their partners, Jordan Bratman and Joel Madden.

During the long night celebration, Joel spun records for the guests attending the party.

Which outfit do you prefer, Nicole’s or Christina’s? And what about your new year’s eve? How did you spend it?

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  1. I love that little dress Nicoles wearing (weirdly) and I hope it wont be crazy expensive cos I might buy it online. Its the classic thing Id wear myself on a night out. Im very small so tiny dresses suit me fine.Not so crazy about christina as usual. I much prefer her with natural makeup. I know you love her with rep lips but I think it kinda makes her slutty. Nicoles makeup is prettier

    happy new year btw 🙂

  2. I much prefer Nicole’s make-up, too. In Christina’s make-up there’s something which doesn’t quite convince me, maybe it’s the smudged black liner, or maybe the overall result.
    I LOVE red lippies, so I am naturally agreeing with Christina’s choice to wear it all the time. At the same time, I think she looks amazing with natural make-up, but pretending to be a little bit slutty is part of her public persona, so I don’t think she will easily ditch it.

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