Christina Aguilera’s Style: Love for Stripes

Christina Aguilera’s fans are going through a rough time: she’s hard at work with her debut movie, Burlesque, so she can rarely be seen out of the set or out of her house; her long-awaited album has not been released yet, while the world of pop music goes on without her and crowns its new queens. I am waiting for her come-back, and in the meantime I’ve found out another of her clothing passions. After her undeniable love for Balenciaga bags, Lauren Moshi creations and plaid shirts, it’s clear she loves stripes.

These pics have been taken between 2007 and 2009: Christina loves stripes of any type, vertical and horizontal, preferring the classical black/white combo. She has worn several striped clothes (the lovely Juicy Couture short-sleeved dress, for example) and accessories (the white and red tights she wore at a photoshoot with Ellen Von Unwerth, or the skinny American Apparel scarf she wore with a Lauren Moshi tank and a bright blue cardigan) in usually casual outfits.

During her most recent outings, she has shown her love for stripes again. On 6th December she was spotted at Mr Greentrees in Los Angeles with her family, busy in picking a Christmas tree up.

The outfit she sported is casual and cute: she wore a striped white and red tee, black leggings, what looks like a jersey mini skirt and a black wool zipped jacket. What I really can’t stand here are her lace-up boots.

She completed the outfit with a grey hat, Valentino 5434 sunglasses and her trademark red lipstick. Max looks more and more like her mommy!

Marc Jacobs is the twisted mind who designed the Duck boots: appropriate name, Marc, for these uglies!

A few days before, she was spotted in Santa Monica with Max, leaving the Kidnasium, a recreational centre for children. In this occasion, she wore another casual outfit.

This time she picked a striped grey and red cardigan, a white printed t-shirt, grey leggings and the Duck boots.

Of course she didn’t leave her red lipstick behind. Just a few words about what looks like an obsession for Christina: she has always been criticized for wearing too much make-up, but now I sort of understand her. I usually don’t wear make-up when I’m at home, but I absolutely have to wear some when I go to work. I think it’s something related to self-confidence and to self-image: I work in the evenings and I need an extra-boost of energy to leave my house and my daughter when most of the people come back from work. Make-up (red lipstick [1] and bright blush, in particular) always makes me feel prettier and gives me the boost I need to go out, drive for one hour and teach my lessons.

She completed the outfit with Tom Ford Marissa sunglasses and Alexander Wang Fanny Pack, a bag she has used several other times.

Do you wear striped clothes or do you prefer other patterns? As for Christina’s comeback, are you looking forward to it or do you think her time has gone, because other younger and talented singers have come over?

[1] I don’t know which lipstick Christina wears (she has recently stated she uses a kiss-proof lipstick, not to leave red marks on her son’s cheeks), but I could swear by NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella and in NARS red lipsticks in general, they’re beyond gorgeous. I’ve recently used Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon, too, and this is another lovely red lip colour.

Source and source.



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