From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.12 – The Debarted)

It’s not fair that Gossip Girl is taking the Christmas pause just after The Debarted [1], such an exciting episode. After watching it, I was looking forward to watching the next episode; then I knew about the pause and this really let me down.

In any case, here Lily’s outfits are absolutely fabulous, so let’s focus on them. The first scene sees Lily busy with looking for Serena’s father’s letter (we know it’s in Maureen’s hands).

She sports a lovely cashmere sweater, her Pomellato citrine earrings and the gorgeous necklace I’ve already written about.

She has the same outfit in another scene, set in her apartment’s living room, when she receives a visit from Blair. Blair is concerned about Chuck’s refusal to go to the cemetery for the anniversary of his father’s death, but Lily’s mind is elsewhere.

I always gush over Lily’s loft and I think the living room is gorgeous. Apart from the infamous Spectrum by Richard Phillips, my attention has been caught by the lamp (or is it maybe a vase) in the foreground. I’m sure this is a vintage piece from the Seventies, because its design reminds me of the Lesbo lamp by Artemide.

Her beige cashmere sweater is by 8 (Otto).

In this shot, Lily’s citrine oval ring by Pomellato is visible. I’ve posted a picture of her tea pot and cups because I collect tea pots, and this one looks lovely. I think its oval shape is not coincidental, because it echoes the shape of the ring.

Lily doesn’t change her outfit in the episode, but in some scenes she adds a grey coat and one of her trusty Hermès Birkin bags. In the first screencap above, we get a full figure of her, so the flared trousers she’s wearing can be seen. No ideas about the shoes that complete the outfit, but they could be simple pumps.

One of the reasons why I appreciate Lily’s (and Kelly’s) style so much is her love for Hermès accessories. I cannot help but sighing every time she carries a Hermès bag, not only because the pieces of her collection are truly classics, but also because she carries them with such a grace, that it really looks like they were made for her [2]. The Birkin she’s carrying in this episode is a 30 cm bag in Etoupe Togo leather and palladium hardware.

I hope you’ve noticed the peculiar narrative structure of this episode. It starts with Serena and Tripp’s road accident, then goes backwards (12 hours before that moment), then reconnects to the accident. Later, another flashback occurs, when Chuck arrives at the hospital to visit Serena. The hospital brings back memories of his father’s death, so the narration returns to the twelfth episode of the second season, It’s a Wonderful Lie. In that episode (one of my favourites), Lily is attending the Charity Snowflake Ball, when she gets a phone call about her husband’s death. I’m sure many of you will remember the gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress and Van Cleef & Arpels jewellery she wore in that occasion.

She wore the same dress and jewels in the flashback in The Debarted: the outfit is completed by an amazing short-sleeved white jacket with pearl applications.

The jacket is a piece from Red Valentino fall/winter 2009 collection: it is made of bouclè wool, it has two pockets and snap button closing. The diamante and beaded detailing is delicate yet impressive. Even if the situation is tragic, I think Lily looks extremely beautiful in this scene.

Before closing the post, I’d like to point out a possible reference to Britney Spears’ Everytime video [3], shot by David La Chapelle in 2004. Probably I am the only one, but I think there’s a resemblance between the moment in which a white-clad Serena meets Chuck at the hospital and the scene in which a white-clad Britney is running along a hospital’s corridors in the video. In both cases, a (real or fictitious) death is implied.

What are your opinions about this episode? Do you think that Gossip Girl has finally left the narrative limbo of the first episodes of the third season?

[1] The title of the episode is a reference to The Departed (2006) by Martin Scorsese, starring Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon.

[2] Hermès bags are among the most coveted fashion accessories all over the world, but in the latest years they have somehow become mainstream: have you noticed that any possible celebrity/starlet (including Heidi Montag) immediately buys a Hermès bag as soon as she can afford it? On the contrary, Kelly Rutherford is a perfect match for these bags, because she’s naturally elegant and completely pulls them off.

[3] Though not a Britney fan, I think this is the most meaningful and intense video of her entire career.

Source and source.




  1. Siamo usciti dal limbo,credo proprio di sì,anche se a mio avviso già il pranzo del ringraziamento era parso piuttosto brillante.
    Che altro dire…,nomination agli Emmy per Ed W.,non chiedo di più solo una nomination,perchè saprà fare solo Chuck Bass,ma sa farlo molto bene,dignitoso attacco di panico compreso.
    Ahh che emozione vedere gli outfit dello snowflake ball finalmente completi,emozionanti quasi quanto il pigiama e le ballerine da camera di Blair!.

    1. Sì, anche a me la puntata precedente a questa era piaciuta parecchio, quindi speriamo che le puntate dopo la pausa natalizia mantengano alto il livello di ritmo e tensione.

      Strano come si parli moltissimo di vari aspetti di Gossip Girl, ma mai delle capacità recitative/espressive degli attori che interpretano i protagonisti. Stendendo un velo pietoso su Blake “Ciocco-di-Legno” Lively, penso che i migliori attori sia Leighton Meester (ha molte potenzialità in ambito commedia brillante, secondo me) e, appunto, Ed Westwick. Dico, mica è da tutti recitare così bene in un ruolo come quello di Chuck Bass senza passare per maniaco.

      Anche io ho sussultato quando Blair è arrivata in ospedale con pigiama e ballerine, deliziosa!

  2. Credo anche io che fra tutti i protagonisti Leighton possa avere veramente una carriera nel cinema (I’m sorry Leighton non nella musica…),insieme a Chace Crawford,perchè è abbastanza bravo,e poi ha una faccia pulita oltre ad essere un ragazzo americano bellissimo nella maniera più classica e consueta.
    Ed Westwick è un Chuck Bass perfetto,non posso pensare al personaggio con un attore diverso,l’ha reso pieno di sfaccettature,inprevedibile mai banale,e tutto questo quando normalmente i suoi coetanei si limitano ad imparare un copione e stop (quanti anni avrà avuto appena scritturato 18?),e poi come fà un giovane attore dall’aspetto un pò sciatto e mal vestito che normalmente neanche si fà la barba a trasformarsi così se non perchè è un bravo attore?.Non riesco ad immeginarmelo in altri ruoli sono sincera,ma come Chuck Bass è indimenticabile!.

    “How’s Serena?””Lily’s here? Eric’s here?”.

    p.s. Io ho un rossetto simile a quello sfoggiato da Lily, è il Party Line di Mac.

    1. E’ vero, mi ero dimenticata di Chace. Sì, anche secondo me lui potrebbe avere un futuro dopo Gossip Girl.

      Anche io, naturalmente, non riesco a concepire un Chuck Bass non interpretato da Ed Westwick, ma sono altresì convinta che la sua stoffa di attore avrà modo di mettersi alla prova in altre occasioni. Visto che amiamo molto il personaggio che lui interpreta, è ovvio che immaginarlo in un altro ruolo ci riesce difficile, ma sono convinta che saprà stupirci. Se non sbaglio, gli è stato affidato il ruolo di Heathcliff nell’ennesima versione di Wuthering Heights, attualmente in pre-produzione. Beh, non so tu, ma io non sto nella pelle all’idea di vederlo nei ruvidi panni di Heathcliff!

    1. Lily’s Hermès bags are part of her character and are pretty much her trademark. The same can be said of Kelly Rutherford, so that I think the bags she has in the show are actually hers.
      I like her bags, but I’d rather have a Chanel, too.

  3. Thanks for your enjoyable post!
    I just adored Lily’s “casual” look in this episode.
    And I’ve fallen in love with the Pomellato earrings you pointed out in the previous post. Do you have any idea how much they cost?!


  4. My dear,
    this is my last day at work and when I’m on holiday I never connect to internet so I wish you and your lovely family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  5. When I watched that hospital-flashback scene, it reminded me of the Everytime video but then I promptly forgot! Thanks for reminding me of that visual reference. I agree that it’s one of Brit’s best videos.

    And this episode was brilliant. Not keen on waiting til March for the next one….

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