From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.11 – The Treasure of Serena Madre)

We all know that the Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl always brings plenty of drama to the show, but I wasn’t ready to what happened in the eleventh episode of the third season, The Treasure of Serena Madre [1]. I cannot say I have fully appreciated the first episodes of the new season, because the plot was muted and sometimes pointless, but now things are really getting juicy! I think the development of this episode is similar to a Greek tragedy, with all the main characters of the show gathered in the same place, secrets and interesting turns coming out during the dinner. I am particularly intrigued by the mystery involving Lily (the “little trip”, Cece says, she made in summer) and Serena’s father’s letter, now in the hands of Maureen [2].

I loved both outfits sported by Lily in the episode. In the first scene, she’s getting ready to go out and she’s wearing a Boss Black sheath dress with a gathering on the neckline.

The outfit is completed by a gorgeous Red Valentino short-sleeved tweed jacket I wrote about some time ago, plus long leather gloves and a scarf.

I like this shot so much, because Lily really looks like one of the ice-cold heroines of Hitchcock’s movies. Her jewellery is gorgeous as well: she’s wearing diamond and gold hoop earrings and two diamond rings.

When Lily meets Maureen, we can see they’re wearing the same jacket, and this will have an important function in the plot.  The second shot shows Lily in full figure, and here her Christian Louboutin New Simple pumps and a Kotur Wallace frame bag are visible for some moments.

The outfit for the Thanksgiving dinner is sublime: Lily wears very simple clothes – a J. Mendel chocolate satin long-sleeved blouse and a leopard-printed skirt – but she adds outstanding accessories. I have fallen in love with the black bead lariat necklace the first time I saw it. I like its vintage look and the playful tassels with black and gold bead fringes.

She’s wearing the Madison pencil skirt by Elie Tahari. I haven’t identified the blouse yet, but it’s lovely, with some stitchings on the shoulders and on the sleeves.

I have really appreciated the choice to complete the outfit with Pomellato jewels. I think Pomellato (along with Bulgari) is the best Italian jewellery brand, because it has a unique style, modern yet classical. Lily is wearing lemon quartz and gold earrings from the Cipria collection.

She’s also wearing a stunning cocktail ring, made of polished gold and an oval lemon quartz, from the Narciso collection.

Now that part of the action is focused on Lily (yay!), I’m sure we’ll finally get more of her gorgeous outfits. As for the plot, what do you think will come next? And did you enjoy the Thanksgiving episode or do you think Gossip Girl is destined to have a disappointing season, after all?

[1] The title refers to The Treasure of Sierra Madre (1948), a western directed by John Huston, starring Humphrey Bogart.

[2] I also loved the ploy used to put this letter in Maureen’s hands. The trick of Lily and Maureen wearing the same jacket reminds me of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, with the twin couples in the plot.

Source and source.




  1. Non vedevo l’ora che scrivessi di questo episodio per saperne di + della giacca e poi scopro che ne avevi già parlato!
    Quella giacca, portata con i guanti lunghi di pelle è sublime!

    1. Nel frattempo, però, non sono riuscita ad avere ulteriori informazioni sulla sua identità. Sigh, identificare quello che porta Lily è, nella maggior parte dei casi, impossibile 😦

  2. On 23rd of December I will attend a wedding party in Palermo.
    I’m going to wear a rose satin gown with a light pink cashmere and silk short sweater just to cover my shoulder. On top of all I’ll put on a short-sleeved astrakan fur jacket just like Lily’s tweed jacket.
    And I would like wear long leather gloves too. I’m looking for a light-brown leather pair.

    Lily’style is absolutely chic

  3. Meraviglioso pranzo del Ringraziamento! mi ha molto molto divertito questa puntata,e poi Blair moderna bambola in calze di pizzo e cortissimo abito Sariah,bellissima.



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