Glam Girls Love Socks

I’m still locked in: even if the temperature is gone, I’m feeling so badly, with all my bones terribly aching. I spend my days in bed or playing with my daughter or trying to do some chores at home, and nothing more, but my mind is constantly at work. I’ve always had a thing for knitted socks, because I think they are a perfect symbol of cozy winter days and freezing winter nights. Miuccia Prada, who often wears socks with sandals (a trend I love), has recently brought them to a higher and more precious level.

Miu Miu fall/winter 2009 collection includes luxurious black or beige knee-high socks, which complete bra-revealing outfits and heavily beaded dresses. These socks are made of ribbed cotton and are bead and sequin-embellished with floral motifs. The black version is so glamourous.

The beige version has a subtler appeal, but are – if possible – even more beautiful than the black one. I like them especially when they are paired to embroidered satin sandals, so as to achieve a super-embellished effect.

The bell in my mind rang twice when I saw the same socks in a lovely editorial by Craig McDean – It’s a Matter of Glam, featuring Sasha Pivovarova – in the October 2009 issue of Vogue Italia. The contrast between the pale colour of the socks and the bright red of the Chloè sandals is striking, isn’t it?

This is my favourite shot of the editorial, because Sasha is wearing a gorgeous Miu Miu embellished skirt and the satin shoes from the same collection. The muted tones of the outfit are amplified by the neutral leather gloves and by the grey fur stole she’s wearing.

These beauties are sold out everywhere, and this is somehow creepy, if you think a pair costs 435 dollars! I wouldn’t never ever spend so much money on a pair of socks (just the idea gives me the creeps), even if I could, but it’s clear die-hard fashionistas have no such scruples when it comes to laying their hands on the latest objects of desire.

Speaking of (tasteless) trend-followers, here is the first “celebrity” who has recently sported a pair of these socks. I hate Heidi Montag’s shameless conversion to any apparently popular trend, but in this case I envy her socks. I don’t like the rest of the outfit, which includes an Alexander Wang burn-out patterned cable tunic, Christian Louboutin Mamimo spectator pumps, a scrunched velvet coat and – God forgives her – a strand of pearls. Just a word about her hair: everybody knows I’d love to be blonde – I’ve never tried to go blonde because I’m raven-haired – but her hairstyle is too much Barbie even for my liking.

When it comes to me and socks, I rarely use them with dresses or skirts because I wear trousers and jeans all the time, but I’ve sometimes ventured into the trend. Here is the pathetic attempt to re-create a school uniform I did last February, when my daughter and me dressed up for Mardi Gras. In this case, I wore the most beautiful socks I own, made of ribbed cashmere, with lace-up suede ballerina flats, a vintage pleated skirt, a vintage striped shirt and a vintage wool vest. I added a red satin bow hairband and an octopus-shaped brooch to the outfit.

Do you like this trend or do you think wearing socks and skirts is a definite no-no?

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  1. Vabbè a parte sottoscrivere il commento di acido,posso dirti che se avessi le gambe lunghe…sarei spesso in calzettoni e gonna corta,visto poi che sono un paio di mesi oramai che ho abbandonato i tacchi (solo di giorno…)per le Church!

    spero che l’influenza sia oramai lontana.

    1. Io sono sempre in pantaloni, ho le gambe corte e quindi non parlo, ma potendo metterei calzettoni e gonna longuette, anzichè corta. Qualche anno fa, una mia collega a scuola (una signora cinquantenne con uno stile strepitoso) usava spesso questa accoppiata ed era di un’eleganza incredibile. Certo, pur non essendo filiforme, è molto alta, quindi certe iperboli può permettersele.

  2. Would you really rather be blonde? I didn’t know that! I’ve always wanted black hair, so there you go…
    Anyway, back to your entry- I think skirt+socks is one of those trends where it is quite difficult to say “it works/ it doesn’t work” as, at least in my opinion, it is entirely based on factors such as the proportions, fabrics and tones of the skirt and the socks. So it could be amazingly cool as easily as amazingly disastrous, I guess!
    As for me, as much as I like these Miu Miu socks, I think I’ll leave them to those who can afford them, and I don’t mean it just in terms of money!

    1. Oh, I’ve always been attracted by blonde hair, as a sort of reaction to my black hair, I guess. Once I had nearly decided to do it, but then I stepped back because I had no intention to become slave to hair dye. I’m sure blonde hair would not suit my features (the risk is becoming a Donatella Versace clone), but – you know – dreaming doesn’t cost anything, so now and then I fantasize about being blonde.

  3. I like socks+skirts but in my opinion this trend is very difficult to follow.
    It looks great if you have long and thin legs and if you are younger than thirty.

    Back to your reply in last post, I remember very well Carrie and her pearls and I love how she wears them.

  4. ti leggo sempre, ma non ti commento mai…

    però l’argomento calze-gonna-sandali/ballerina mi ha illuminata : l’unica volta in cui ho indossato calze nere al ginocchio + ballerine di vernice + shorts e maglione lungo mi hanno chiesto se dovessi andare a giocare a calcio .. no comment! e io che pensavo di essere così graziosa…….

    spero che i vostri tentativi abbiano avuto maggior successo 😉

    complimenti per il blog e le foto bellissime che scegli!


    ps anch’io seguo gg.. sto cercando un paio di occhiali da vista e quelli di lily mi hanno subito ispirata, eleganti e soprattutto “neutri” ( mi riferisco ad un paio color madreperla credo ) !

    1. Ciao Melissa!
      Mi dispiace che non sia stato apprezzato il tuo tentativo di mettere le calze al ginocchio con gli shorts, ma bisogna sempre tentare prima di capire quello che può funzionare o meno 😉
      Sono contenta che gli occhiali di Lily (sì, nella seconda stagione ne portava un paio color rosa latte, bellissimo) ti abbiano ispirata!

  5. cant really make my mind up whether its cool or just silly.
    I reckon it all depends if you have blake livelys legs or like, mk olsen legs (like mine). If you are that tall then it looks good, if you are short like me, its rubbish.

    1. Height is not the only problem here. I think Heidi Montag is not short, but she looks trashy the same. If you have the right body and the right style, socks and skirts are amazing!

  6. heidi is extremely short! shes like 5’2 top.doesnt look like it cos she always wears like 1000 inches of heels and shes very skinny,but she is indeed short.
    anyway,my point is: if youve long legs then it looks better. if youve short just looks odd.

    1. OMG! Is she really so short??? It’s true she always wear super-high heels, but she looks much taller in pics (heels left out, I mean).

  7. Here’s another point, long legs aND wide ankles it’s a no no.
    So it’s not just a matter of height (I’m 6 ft) but as far as my lower leg part will look as a football player I won’t be alloWed to wear socks+skirt…and I’m pretty sure it won’t get better aging.

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