From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.10 – The Last Days of Disco Stick)

My husband, my daughter B and me are all ill with (swine?) flu, so I don’t have much time to spend at the pc, since each and every part of my body aches so much that I cannot help but lie down on my bed. This doesn’t mean I’ve skipped my weekly appointment with Gossip Girl. I was looking forward to watching The Last Days of Disco Stick [1] and the episode didn’t let me down. I appreciated the fact that Lady GaGa’s songs are a leit-motif in the story line, I loved her performance (and her FADE by Olivier Bobin red dress, too) and the hilarious cabaret starring Dan and Blair. Many sub-plots have sprouted from this episode (Serena and Tripp’s love story, Jenny’s fascination with trouble, Vanessa and Dan’s attraction), so it will be interesting to see the development of it all.

We all know the show is about the scandalous lives of Manhattan young elite, but Lily is really left in the background! In this episode she only appears once, when she sports a lovely outfit.

She’s a fan of pussy bow shirts and in this case she’s wearing one with an abstract print. She’s also wearing the same glasses she wore at the end of the previous episode. The jewellery she has chosen to complete the outfit is minimal – a diamond ring and earrings with oval citrine topazes.

I could get a rare full figure screenshot, from which we can see she’s also wearing J Brand jeans. This style is Love Story Heartbreaker bootcut in Ink, very classic and comfortable, slightly flared.

Her hairstyle here is cute: this is the usual updo she sports, but with a twist, because the bun is messy and braided. I love this bohemian touch. Just for info, Jenny is reading the October 2009 issue of Nylon Magazine, with Megan Fox on the cover.

What are your impressions about the episode? Did you enjoy it? And what about Lady GaGa’s performance?

[1] The title refers to this movie, but also include a reference to the disco stick, one of GaGa’s symbols, and to her song Love Game.





    1. Me too! She’s the classiest and most stylish character in the show and she’s left in the background 😦 It’s not fair!

  1. I literally adore bow shirts but I can’t wear them because immediately I seem an old lady. For the same reason I can’t wear pearls…

    How are you now?
    I miss your Meringa trip : )

    1. Hi Caroline 🙂
      I’m better than two days ago, thanks 🙂 Now I’m a little weak and my bones still ache, but no temperature.
      I love bow shirts but I agree with you when you say they can give the old lady effect. The trick is wearing them with jeans (like Lily did) or with some funky accessory. I don’t like pearls very much, but when I wear them, I wear four strands (fake pearls, of course), so as to achieve an overstock effect (do you remember Carrie in Sex and the City, when she wore pearls and Aidan’s engagement ring as a pendant?), which is very dramatic and funny 🙂

  2. Ciaooo,
    puntata mediocre,grandiosa lily,acconciatura favolosa.

    Mi fermo qui perchè ogni commento sull’amato GG è pesantemente condizionato da come si “abbiglia” Leighton Meester ultimamente fuori dal set in quella pseudo carriera musicale che ha deciso di intraprendere e da quella disgraziata serata all’inaugurazione dell’ American eagle outfitters.
    Il suo stylist è forse distratto,poco attento,confuso? eppure pare sia uno bravo…


    1. L’outfit sfoggiato durante la performance dell’inaugurazione American Eagle ha un che di tragico, effettivamente, compreso il make-up, terribile.
      Lo stylist di miss Meister è effettivamente bravo ma chissà cosa gli è passato per la testa nel momento in cui ha convinto la sua cliente che indossare leggings tutti-i-colori-dell-arcobaleno e scarpe piatte borchiate fosse anche lontanamente accettabile.

  3. Quello che mi fa restare più incredula è come si possa passare dal total look vuitton del gala al Met allo splendido Bottega della serata Emmy per finere ruzzolando al tragico outfit all’American Eagle…
    Aspetto sviluppi con paura!.

    1. La Meester, secondo me, si diverte un sacco a vestirsi anche male (vedi American Eagle). Da un certo punto di vista posso anche capire il suo desiderio di non lasciarsi intrappolare nel personaggio (sappiamo tutti come è andata a Sarah Jessica Parker, per dire), però a tutto c’è un limite. Attendiamo ulteriori sviluppi 🙂

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