From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.08 – The Grandfather Part II + Pumpkin Patch Special)

What is happening to Gossip Girl? I enjoyed the eighth episode of the third season – The Grandfather Part II – because the plot seems to make things more exciting, thanks to the rekindled rivalry between S and B and to William Van der Bilt’s intrigues. The downside is that Lily is shown in one scene only, what  a disappointment! On the other hand, I’ve found some juicy stills from the next episode, but I’ll post them next week.

The scene is set in Lily’s sitting room, where Jenny is recovering from a (swine?) flu and where Dan, Olivia and Rufus are playing scrabble. Lily is seen with her beloved white tea cup and saucer in her hand. Have you noticed she’s often holding a cup and saucer in her hands? She’s Lady GaGa‘s Upper East Side version!


It’s refreshing to see her wearing a cute patterned skirt and an Alberta Ferretti short-sleeved sweater. She looks very elegant but informal at the same time.


She’s sporting her trademark updo and a subtle make-up.

Here is a close-up on the grey sweater, which has a jeweled neckline. The sparkles from the neckline emphasize the diamond stud earrings, the only pieces of jewellery she’s wearing.

Due to the lack of candids from the set of Gossip Girl, here are some super-cute pics of Kelly and Matthew Settle (who plays the role of Rufus in the show), who went to the Old Navy’s Urban Pumpkin Patch in the Meatpacking district, in New York, just before Halloween. You know I love pumpkins, so I couldn’t resist in posting these.


OMG. Aren’t the little girls absolutely adorable? Matthew is posing with her 8-month-old Aven Angelica [1] and Kelly with her 4-month-old Helena Grace. It’s funny that both children were born in the same year, just a few months apart. Kelly’s outfit is chic as usual: she was wearing skinny jeans, brown boots, a slate grey jacket, a white shirt and a flowy grey pashmina. She was also wearing one of her favourite watches, Hermès H Hour watch.


I love the first pic above: it could come from the set of a romantic movie set in New York, couldn’t it?


My heart melts in front of this pic: Aven is such a cutie, with her denim jacket, pink overalls and pink shoes with white pom-pons!

What are your impressions about the eighth episode of Gossip Girl? Did you enjoy it or do you think the show is getting boring?

[1] Matthew is married to the model/actress Naama Nativ.

Source and source.




  1. Well, I admit it, the plot is getting a bit boring but maybe it’s just a fake peaceful moment, just the quiet before the storm: I heard Georgina is coming back, crazy as a crazy cow, and Chuck, well, I don’t think his old habits are just gone for good, not to mention a certain threesome (OMG!) they’re preparing for the next episode…
    We definetely share a passion for pumpkins… Did you have your jack’o lantern for halloween? Was it good (aKa scary)?
    Here in Sardinia they’re not easy to find and the only one I bought wasn’t good for cutting so I ate it… It’s a violent, cannibalistic act against the poor jack’o lantern… I know… 😉

    1. I really hope you’re right, especially for Chuck. I like his new businessman persona, but I really miss the bad boy, so I’m looking forward to some action (and to the steamy threesome).

      Yes, I had my Halloween Jack ‘O Lantern! I think it was quite scary, but my daughter wasn’t scared at all! She loved it! Mine was not good for eating, so I only cut it, but I love pumpkin pie and ravioli, yummy!

  2. Ciao!,
    concordo con velvetuzi,chissà cosa ci aspetta!,anche le prime puntate della scorsa stagione,Super,nn sono state entusiasmanti,ma puoi improvvisamenti fatti inattesi ci hanno regalato “forti emozioni”…

    Personalmente di questa puntata (3×08) non potrò facilmente dimenticare lo splendida nuova suite di Chuck che con mio grande piacere ha recuperato anche il suo splendido Richard Phillips,(è per questo che adoro GG è curato in ogni minimo particolare…)

    1. La speranza c’è, chissà che le nostre supposizioni corrispondano al vero.

      Il nuovo appartamento di Chuck è bellissimo. Riguardo a Richard Phillips, preferisco Spectrum, il dipinto che campeggia nella salotto di casa Van Der Woodsen/Humphrey. Ah, tra l’altro pare che Ed Westwick sia un vero e proprio appassionato dell’opera di Phillips, e come dargli torto?

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