Christina Aguilera’s Style: More Love for Plaid and Halloween Special

I’ve always loved Halloween, because it’s one of the most symbolical events of the year: it marks the passage from autumn to winter and it represents a moment where the suspension of disbelief is a must, and everybody can pretend to be someone else. Many of my favourite movies are set at Halloween (John Carpenter’s movie with the same title and Donnie Darko, for example), and this is another reason why I think it’s a magical night.

I’m Italian, so I live Halloween as an imported festivity. Nevertheless, I’ve been carving pumpkins for Halloween for ten years, one of the moments of the year I love most. My husband usually plants pumpkins in our vegetable garden, so there’s no need for us to buy them, but I’d love to visit a pumpkin patch. A celebrity who seems to share this love for Halloween and for carved pumpkins is Christina Aguilera, who always celebrates this festivity and goes to pick some pumpkins to carve. This year she went to Mr. Bones pumpkin patch with her husband Jordan, her mother Shelly and her adorable son Max. In this occasion, she showed once more her love for plaid shirts.


She wore a cotton brown and pale blue plaid shirt with grey jeans (with busted knees) and lace-up combat boots. Max is wearing a yellow and light blue plaid shirt too!


In this shot we can have a better view of the accessories she chose to complete the outfit: her trusty Alexander Wang Fanny Pack in denim leather and a pair of Prada sunglasses in Honey Brown.


I don’t own any bag by Alexander Wang, but I must admit his bag collections are very interesting. I like the materials he uses (leather that looks like denim, for example) and the simple shapes of the bags.


Isn’t this pic super-cute? I’m sure Max was going to fall asleep, because my daughter does this when she’s tired and wants to sleep. I love Christina’s bare face, blonder-than-blonde hair and red hot nails.

We all know her love for plaid shirts, but scouring archives of past images, I’ve found out that she really loves to wear them to go to the pumpkin patch. Last year she went to a pumpkin patch with a cute little Max (who was wearing a skull t-shirt), wearing another plaid shirt and light grey jeans.


She paired them to black flats, a knitted black cap, a grey bag and an Alexander McQueen black and white skull scarf (thus quoting Max’s t-shirt).


In that occasion, she wore a little make-up – just a pink lipstick and her trademark ruby nail polish.

Christina also loves Halloween, so here are the costumes she has recently worn. In 2009 Max and Christina sported matching skeleton costumes.


Christina also wore Lanvin patent flats, a bowler hat and a pirate patch on her eye. I really love the costumes, because they have a gothic – yet funny – vibe, but I prefer Christina without the eye patch. She was carrying an orange shopping bag with a ghost on it and an Elmo-shaped bucket for trick or treating.

Senza nome

Her trademark is not missing, but in this case it beautifully completes her outfit. Their costumes remind me of the skeleton costumes seen on the Kaiser Chiefs in their Everyday I Love You Less and Less video.

Last year she went treat-or-tricking with her cute family. They all dressed up as characters of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – she was Dorothy, Max was the Cowardly Lion and Jordan was the Scarecrow.


She also carried the ghost orange bag. I have a thing for red glittering shoes, so I really like the Mary-Janes she wore with white socks.


The year before, in 2007, she was still pregnant with Max, but this didn’t stop her from celebrating Halloween. She wore a Spider-Woman costume, with a long black dress (I think the rhinestone web on her belly is really creepy), a purple cape, fingerless gloves and a spider-shaped headpiece; she also carried a Yves Saint Laurent Mini Muse bag in black patent leather. I think this costume is so wrong for her and for the occasion: she looks trashy with all that make-up on and with that puffy hairstyle, and the dress is trashy as well.


On the other hand, in 2006 she sported one of the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. She attended a party in New York, dressed up as the Corpse Bride (Jordan was the Corpse Bridegroom, of course). She took inspiration from the lovely movie by Tim Burton, and re-created the tattered, dusty and bloody wedding gown of the movie’s protagonist in real life. She wore a curly pink wig and a lace-trimmed veil, and carried a bunch of white flowers with red stains on them.


In 2005 she went to a pumpkin patch sporting a very casual – yet cute – outfit. She wore Juicy Couture velour pants, a plain white tee and a comfy Missoni striped cardigan. She also wore pink Havaianas flip-flops and a pink felt hat. She wore no make-up, but her nails and toe-nails were painted red.


For a pumpkin lover like me, the pic above is heaven!


In 2005 she dressed up as a sexy Eighteenth-century lady: she wore a strapless champagne lace corset, a tiered tulle skirt, thigh highs, a nice lace umbrella and a lace-trimmed handkerchief. She completed the quirky look with a curly white wig and Christian Louboutin Wallis patent Mary-Janes. This is not her best look, but it perfectly suits her.

I’ll update the post when I get pictures of Christina taking part in this year’s Halloween. In the meantime, are you planning anything special for the event? At the moment, both Bianca and me are sick (gastric flu), but I really hope we will recover in time to go out on Halloween’s afternoon. For the occasion, I have bought the skull mask of Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, my favourite Italian group, whose members never show their face in front of the cameras. They say what Oscar Wilde said – “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth” – a motto I totally agree with.

Source and source.




  1. Didn’t you have a picture of Christina at a pumpkin patch as a header some years ago?
    As for me- unfortunately I don’t have much time to pick a costume this year as I am crazy busy at the moment :(. But the TARM mask sounds like a really cool idea!
    PS: I wish I had known this quote by Wilde some four years ago, when I was writing my extended essay (tesina?) for my secondary school!

  2. Ciao! sapresti dirmi se tra i colori di quest’anno, Balenciaga ha previsto il caramello o cognac o come si chiama per le sue borse? thank you so much!

    1. Il color cognac no, ma la collezione a/i 2009/10 comprende colori neutri tipo il Noix (walnut = color nocciola), Galet (pebble = beige molto chiaro) e Chataigne (chestnut = castagna).

  3. grazie mille per la risposta! ma non c’e’ la possibilita’ di trovare in negozio colori delle collezioni precedenti? non so come funziona? le borse vengono ritirate e sostituite con quelle nuove? grazie ancora!

    1. In teoria sì, ma penso dipenda molto dai negozi. A me è capitato diverse volte di trovare modelli e colori delle collezioni precedenti ancora in vendita. Ti consiglio di contattare il negozio Balenciaga di Milano, dove sicuramente ti sapranno dare informazioni sui modelli e il colore che ti interessano.

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