From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.06 – Enough About Eve + On the Set)

It’s quite a hectic period for me: I’m busy with my job, my daughter has caught the first gastric flu of the season (she attends the day nursery and you know how easily viruses spread among children) and I’m not feeling well neither, but I still cannot give up my weekly dose of Gossip Girl.  The sixth episode of the third season, Enough About Eve, is about the useless plots of Vanessa and Blair to have the coveted honour of delivering the freshman toast at the parents’ dinner at NYU.

Vanessa’s mother, Gabriella, appears for the first time. They go and pay a visit to Rufus and Lily, and this is where we first see Mrs Humphrey, in all her little-black-dress glory. Lily is the exact opposite of Gabriella, who doesn’t agree with Vanessa’s choice to attend a private university: Lily is blonde, Gabriella is dark, Lily is the epitome of Upper East Side understated style, while Gabriella loves ethnic jewellery and colourful clothes. Even if my style is more similar to Gabriella’s, I cannot help but gushing over Lily’s first outfit.


She’s wearing a Hanii Y sleeveless black dress, nothing special, but she makes it interesting with a gold chain bracelet and lovely flower-shaped earrings.

The scene takes place in the beautiful living room of Lily’s apartment. It’s funny to see Rufus and Gabriella sitting on the floor, but this makes us understand they’re long-time friends and that the atmosphere of the meeting is informal.


Lily’s second outfit can be seen at the parents’ dinner at NYU.


She wore an Alberta Ferretti purple satin dress, with long sleeves, a round neckline and some decorative stitchings on the sides. She accessorized the dress with gold filigree two-disc earrings, a gorgeous gold bangle by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany, a Judith Leiber crystal-studded clutch and Giuseppe Zanotti gold pumps.

Senza nome

This is an unusual dress for Lily, who doesn’t usually wear skin-tight clothes, but she looks lovely.

I really like the bohemian touch of the filigree earrings by Rich Rocks.

The third – and unfortunately last – outfit sported by Lily in this episode is my favourite.


She wore black jeans and a Diane Von Furstenberg Lindella silk blouse in Warm Rust, with ruffles on the shoulders. When I saw her multi-strand rhinestone necklace, I fell in awe [1], because it’s so beautiful.

Her hairstyle was quite the same during the whole episode – her trademark messy bun, simple and chic!

Kelly Rutherford does not shoot outdoor scenes very often, so it was a nice surprise to see some candids from the set on the streets of New York. You know I love her personal style and the style of the character she plays in Gossip Girl, but I was really speechless when I saw this outfit on her. Don’t you think it’s pure perfection? She reminds me of the cold and refined heroines of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies (Kim Novak in primis). This is a formal daily outfit, where everything perfectly matches.


She wore a pencil skirt (or maybe it’s a dress) and an amazing tweed jacket, pairing them to a dark green/brown scarf, brown leather opera gloves, Christian Louboutin New Simple pumps (the platform is made of wood) and a black frame bag.


The items I love most are the jacket and the gloves. I think tweed is one of the most timeless and elegant fabrics ever, and is the best choice for this jacket, short-sleeved and not fitted. The short sleeves allows us to admire the stunning brown long gloves. I’ve always had a thing for long gloves, because they’re symbols of a long-gone – but still fascinating – past, so I’ve really appreciated Daman’s choice to connect such evocative accessories to Lily.


Lily always wears at least one piece of jewellery, and in this case she wore small hoop earrings in gold and diamonds. Her hairstyle is a little bit messy as usual, and her trademark updo is not missing.


Now, before closing, just a thought about the frame bag she was carrying: the same style (in a different leather type and size) was seen on Serena/Blake Lively just a few days before. I’m quite surprised Lily didn’t carry one of her Hermès bags and that she traded her Kellys or Birkins for another bag. This is the Wallace frame bag in vacchetta leather by Kotur, a style introduced in the fall/winter 2007 collection and which is modeled after a classic handbag Fiona Kotur found in the Parisian vintage market of Clignancourt. It is carefully crafted with suede lining, interior zipper compartment, and it can be locked or double-locked with a hidden key. Even if Kelly Rutherford and her character always mean Hermès to me, I like this bag on Lily, because it matches her classic style so well.


The Wallace bag seen on Kelly is the medium size, while Serena is carrying the large size in goldleaf haircalf. I prefer the medium size over the large, and I like the goldleaf version better than the vacchetta leather one, because it’s much more interesting and original.

As for the episode, I didn’t like it very much, but it’s what I like calling bridge episode: the effects of what happened in Enough About Eve (especially between Blair and Chuck) will surely entertain us in the following weeks.

[1] I collect vintage rhinestone necklaces, so I’d really love to have such a piece in my collection.

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  1. Ciaoo!,
    aspettavo trepidante,non poteva esserti sfuggito l’outfit del 14 Ottobre,son pazza per quella giacca,il colore le proporzioni…,non si può proprio saperne di più?.

    Bella la Kotur,ma molto americana come scelta…(quale donna del vecchio continente spenderebbe a cuor leggero 2000euro per una delle borse in questione?)


    1. Sigh, il problema con gli outfit di Lily è che sono composti da capi basic/classici, con pochi dettagli rivelatori, quindi identificare la loro provenienza è molto difficile, se non addirittura impossibile 😦

      Sono d’accordo con te sull’americanità della Kotur, una caratteristica che non saprei definire in maniera più precisa. Le donne del vecchio continente, per 2.000 euro, opterebbero per qualcosa di più timeless, di questo sono sicura.

  2. Hello

    Detailed observations, as usual!

    I really didn’t enjoy this episode, but I fully agree that all three outfits sported by Lily were close to perfection!

    And those long gloves… Ah! I love Hitchcock heroines Lily she does exude a similar demure in that photo.

    And what happened to S, B and V’s hair? Completely lacklustre.

    Ah well, I hope it is as you said: a bridge episode.


    1. Your observation about the protagonists’ hair is so true! B’s hair, in particular, is so dull and lifeless, and that extra-factor given by accessories and hair bands is totally missing. I like V’s hair, but I don’t like how they have styled it recently.

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