From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style Cross-Over (3.05 – Rufus Getting Married)

It’s true time flies when you’re a mother! Well, of course it flies even if you’re not a mother, but these last weeks have been passing so fast! With my job, my family, the chores and all the rest, I’ve just realized I haven’t written anything since my last post, which happened to be about Lily Van Der Woodsen’s style in Dan de Fleurette, the fourth episode of the third season of Gossip Girl. So here we go again with the same topic, in relation to Rufus Getting Married, which aired two days ago.

Let me say I absolutely loved this episode, because it’s all about Lily and Rufus, their past and present complicated relationship. I really like the way in which the plot develops, reaching its highest point at the end, with the real wedding at the Humpreys’ loft in Brooklyn.

Lily sports the first outfit [1] in two scenes, one set in her apartment, the other in a restaurant. She wears a lovely Vera Wang black silk blouse, with a blue rhinestone embroidery on one shoulder, a pair of trousers and her trademark statement jewellery.


The chandelier earrings are made of gold and green jade; the cocktail ring has a green stone as well.


The character of Lily is rarely shot in full figure [2], so it’s not easy to observe her outfits or her shoes. In this screencap we can see the blouse is quite loose, and the trousers she’s wearing are a bit flared.

She carries one of her many Hermès bags, the Birkin bag (made of ostrich leather) in Tobacco.

She sports the second outfit in her apartment, while Serena, Blair, Jenny and the New Mean Girls are helping with the wedding preparations.  I love love love her Valentino green pussy bow shirt, which she pairs with black skinny pants.


Her accessories here are just clip-on gold earrings.


I’ve always had a thing for pussy bow shirts, because they’re so romantic! I own three – one of red paisley silk, one of flower-printed chiffon and one in beige cotton – but I would like to add others. Too bad they’re not trendy, because it’s very difficult to find them in shops.

The third and last outfit seen on Lily is the infamous fuchsia satin dress she wears at her wedding at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. In the fiction of the tv show, this is a creation by Jenny (who actually sews it), but I still have to identify the designer. Lily is stunningly beautiful in this part of the episode: even if she’s not ready for the wedding, she literally glows. In this scene, shot indoor, all her wrinkles are visible, and I’m glad they are, because they make the character believable (thanks, Kelly, for having turned your back to Botox so far).


The lovely chandelier turquoise earrings she wears are by Siman Tu. Her make-up focuses on red shiny lips, while her updo is a bit messy but elegant.


Here is another rare full-figure shot. I really like the dress she’s wearing, because it’s not a conventional wedding dress (don’t forget this is not Lily’s first marriage, so a white dress would have been out of place) and because fuchsia compliments her fair hair and complexion. Being a romantic and nostalgic, I also like the tiered collar and the full skirt with pleats behind.


Now, before closing the post, a few thoughts about the real wedding, which takes place at the Humpreys. During the episode, while the girls are planning the wedding, Dorota – Blair’s maid – says the Sonic Youth cannot make it to the wedding because they’re stuck in the traffic. I swear: when I heard “Sonic Youth”, my heart leapt up. When I saw Kim Gordon celebrating the wedding, and all the band there, I couldn’t believe that was true. When I heard them playing Star Power, one of my favourite Sonic Youth tracks ever, I – metaphorically – died.


This is what I love about Lily’s character: her rock-chick background, her being so observant of social conventions and a rule-breaker at the same time. She’s an adult, a mother of three with lots of responsabilities, but she’s still the Lincoln Hawk groupie Rufus fell in love with in the Eighties. The guest appearance of the Sonic Youth [3] adds a unique touch of alternative culture and their choice to perform that song (which first appeared in the album Evol, published in 1986) is so right for the moment. I think this mix-matching of different worlds is very interesting: the Sonic Youth symbolize the post-punk New York scene in the 80s/90s, Gossip Girl shows part of New York’s contemporary society, so I guess they are different faces of the same coin.

[1] She sports the very first outfit (a simple beige robe) of the episode in the first scenes, when she walks across the sitting room of her apartment.

[2] The complete outfit can be seen here.

[3] This is not the first time Thurston Moore has contributed to the soundtrack of the show.





  1. As usual your post was so enjoyable!
    I too had noticed that Lily is rarely shown from had to toe like the younger characters. Not fair!
    I’m behind with the episodes since I don’t have pay tv. I know it should be possibile to watch them on the internet…could anyone please help me find the site?!

  2. I also love Lily more than any other character on GG (I’d love to be blonde, lean and effortlessly elegant as her!), but my comment is now only about the pussy bow: Mango has some pussy bow blouses, you can find them online in the regular store as well as in the outlet.

    1. Oh, well, the series is lovely, in my opinion, but many people I know (some students of my evening courses, for example) literally hate it, because they think it’s too childish. In any case, you should watch at least a couple of episodes, so you can judge by yourself. I strongly suggest to watch “Rufus Getting Married”, because the Sonic Youth as guest stars cannot be missed.

  3. It’s all your fault Superqueen!
    I’ve become an huge Lily Van Der Woodsen fan because of your posts about her… I was a Serena chick before but now I’m so curious to see what her mum is wearing as well and you’re right: she’s perfect also when she’s not acting. It’s an Hermès crush! (Oh, I know, it’s a star-crossed love..).
    Your posts are always delightful!

    1. Thanks!!!
      You’re right: for most of Hermès fans it’s all about a star-crossed love 😦 I wish I could afford at least one of Hermès amazing bags.

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