From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style On the Set

Someone must have answered my prayers, because more Kelly Rutherford’s pics are coming from the set of Gossip Girl. Of course it’s not a flood of HQ pictures – I still have issues in observing her outfits in detail – but it’s a step forward, if compared to the past.

She was spotted yesterday, on a set in Chinatown. I guess she was not filming when the picture was taken, so this means she arrived at work sporting this flawless outfit. I’m sure she works with a stylist for events, but not for everyday life [1], so I admire her personal style, which is even better than Lily’s.


She was wearing a dove grey cardi, a grey wrap on her shoulders, skinny jeans and…drums rolling…not one but two Hermès pieces. She carried her trusty small Birkin bag in Etaupe and also wore an amazing pair of Jumping boots.


When I first saw the picture above, I immediately focused on the clasp detail on the boots and the trademark clasp of Kelly bags instantly came to my mind. In this case, the leather band with the Kelly clasp is removable.


This style was first seen on the spring/summer 2008 runway, presented in different colours and materials:  plain white leather and crocodile, plain black leather, fuchsia and black crocodile. Kelly’s boots are in plain black leather, my favourite version. I’m not a fan of white shoes, but the white version is gorgeous as well.


Hermès face in spring/summer 2008 advertising campaign, stunning Lakshmi Menon, sported the white version in one of the adverts. They can also be seen in the Kelly Calèche perfume advert.


We have seen her carrying her Birkin bag many times, but extra peeks are never enough, because the bag is so beautiful!


Out with Kelly, in with Lily. The actress was all glammed up when she walked on the set with her co-stars Matthew Settle and Connor Paolo. She was wearing a champagne-coloured satin long dress, pairing it with a statement diamond necklace. She covered the dress with a long wrap jacket, but she looks gorgeous the same. I also love her make-up: the red lipstick gives her a naturally elegant look.

The gold t-strap peep-toe pumps are by Valentino.


Here is the happy (fictional) couple posing for paparazzi. In this pic Kelly’s satin dress is visible in its whole: now we can see it’s bias cut and has a cowl neck. Her diamond necklace is stunning.


I love how the neutral tones of Kelly’s outfit contrast with Matthew’s charcoal pinstriped suit. Am I the only one who thinks they’re such a cute couple?


I’m posting this pic because I think it’s so cute. Kelly and Matthew stopped to meet a couple of fans and their baby in a stroller. It looks like Kelly couldn’t help but peek into the stroller to have a look at the baby. It’s really true being a mother is a non-stop state-of-mind: even if you’re not with your children, you see them in every child you meet.


On 1st October, Kelly was spotted on the set of Gossip Girl wearing the same outfit she had worn the day before. Look at what she was holding in her hand, a white Bearn wallet in white Togo leather! This woman is killing me, with all her marvellous Hermès goodies. This wallet is so elegant!

[1] Many celebrities (Kim Kardashian is the first name that comes to my mind) work with a stylist on a daily basis. This means a stylist helps them in deciding what to wear to go – say – to the hairdresser’s. Isn’t it absurd? I know everyone has his/her own taste, which often does not mean “good taste”, but hiring a stylist for everyday life means you really have no idea what suits you best and that probably you don’t have a personality of your own. Sad.

Source, source and source.




    1. Il modello base (immagino quello che indossa Kelly) costa circa 1.880 dollari. Le versioni colorate, con inserti di coccodrillo o in coccodrillo costano ovviamente molto di più. Il prezzo è molto alto, su questo siamo d’accordo, ma scommettiamo che sono stupendi e che durano una vita? Tenendo conto che certe scarpe alla moda (che magari dopo due/tre stagioni diventano obsolete) costano di più, io personalmente – potendo – l’acquisto di un paio di Jumping Boots lo farei al volo!

      1. Sìsì, intendevo il modello base, che mi piace assai assai… Ma proprio assai. Per me dico. Sono quasi unisex praticamente. Bhe… 1800 in effetti, per quanto cmq al momento per me impensabile, non è astronomico visto il prodotto. Ce l’avranno un 43?!

  1. Ti dico solo che appena ho visto la foto ho comprato la lana per rifarmi paro paro il maglione (sopratutto le taschine, quanto sono belle le taschine?!) 🙂


    1. Davvero??? Ahahahah, fai benissimo a rifarti un maglione uguale. Se fossi capace di lavorare a maglia, mi cimenterei anch’io. E’ un cardigan basic, ma ha dei dettagli deliziosi (vedi le taschine frontali).

    1. I’ve never heard of this store before. I’ve checked their site but unfortunately no collections can be browsed 😦

  2. @Pero: ecco, è proprio quello il discorso. 1.800 dollari sono tanti tanti tanti per un paio di stivali, ma tenendo conto di come sono fatti, dei pellami, della cura, del marchio ecc, il prezzo non è esoso. Io lo vedo come un modello unisex, quindi non penso avresti problemi a trovare un 43…Male che vada, te li farai fare su misura 😉

    1. Her Hermès collection is gorgeous indeed. When I started writing about her style, I didn’t imagine she has such great pieces in her closet!

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