From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style On the Set (and a Hermès Mystery)

I wish I could post more pics of Kelly Rutherford on the set of Gossip Girl, but it’s clear the paparazzi are more interested in the young protagonists of the tv show. In any case, some pics come out, now and then, so here are the latest outfits she has sported while filming the third season.


On 24th August she was spotted on the set pushing her adorable daughter Helena’s stroller. She wore a lovely printed caftan, pairing it with amazing accessories – her trusty Hermès Birkin bag in Etaupe, a Collier de Chien cuff bracelet and Lilly Pulitzer Mckim sandals. It’s kind of reassuring to see her wearing the same accessories over and over again, isn’t it?


Helena was born in June and Kelly already rocks an enviably slim body, lucky her! This doesn’t mean she wears skin-tight clothes to show her fit body off. I really love her caftan, because I like loose and comfortable dresses. And I cannot help but approving the choice to accessorize such an informal dress with her favourite Hermès pieces. As for the sandals, she has already worn the silver version, but this time it looks like she’s wearing the gold one.


Just a short digression, speaking of loose dresses: in 2007 poor Debra Messing was ferociously attacked for wearing this strawberry muu muu dress while travelling with her son. I mean, what’s the problem? Why can’t a woman wear something like this without being crucified by the media? It’s not the most feminine outfit in the world, but it’s comfortable and, in some occasions, that’s enough. I really hate the pressure of society on women and their appearance. I love this outfit so much because she’s also wearing one of my favourite scarves, a limited edition created by Emilio Pucci for Guerlain.


The following day Kelly was seen on the set wearing another informal outfit – white jeans, a red t-shirt over a white tank, Lilly Pulitzer sandals, sunglasses and an amazing turquoise and silver necklace. The Hermès touch here was given by her Cape Cod watch.


Here is a close-up on Kelly. In this case, she’s holding her daughter in her arms. Cute baby!


The same day, she was spotted during the filming of the episode Enough about Eve. In this case, she wore a purple satin dress, with gold pumps and a gorgeous gold bangle, a creation of Elsa Peretti for Tiffany.


On 1st September Kelly was spotted during a break from filming. She was carrying Helena in a BabyBjorn [1] baby carrier. She was wearing white jeans, an embroidered peasant blouse and a furry vest. She was also carrying her Birkin bag, but I hope she didn’t use it as diaper bag. I like this outfit very much, because it’s relaxed and has a nice bohemian touch.


I don’t know exactly when this pic was taken, but here Kelly is sporting an unusual look. She is wearing an Express shoulder snap sleeveless dress, over black leggings. I like this dress because it’s simple and comfortable. See how she’s carrying rollers (again!) in her hand.


Now, here is the Hermès mystery I am referring to in the title. I’m 100% sure she’s wearing Hermès flat sandals, but I couldn’t find the exact name of the style (nor a picture) anywhere. The only evidence I found was another sandal which has the same decorative element. This high-heeled model is called Mobile. I’ve invented a name for the still nameless flat sandals she wore: Chaine d’Ancre, because the decoration on the front reminds of the scarf ring with the same name. I’m not really a Hermès expert, so please, if any of you has more info about these sandals, let me know.

[1] I love the products of this brand. When my B was a few months old, we used the Babysitter Balance rocking chair a lot. She utterly adored it!

Source, source, source, source, source and source.




    1. I have no idea 😦 It’s terribly hard to find pictures of Rutherford on the set, but it’s difficult to i-d the clothes she wears as well. There are loads of sites devoted to Serena and Blair’s outfits, but no-one seems to care much of Lily’s style.

    1. Helena è pacioccosissima, troppo bella 😉
      Per il bracciale Tiffany sono d’accordo con te: è stupendo ma io non potrei mai portarlo, a meno che Elsa Peretti non me ne realizzi uno su misura. Di corporatura sono una falsa (molto falsa) magra, ma ho i polsi minuscoli: perderei quel bracciale in men che non si dica (temo il discorso valga anche per la versione small).
      Invece il mio sogno nel cassetto è il bracciale Bone in argento, disegnato dalla Peretti negli anni ’70 e concepito come naturale completamento degli abiti da sera in jersey di Halston.

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