Christina Aguilera’s Style: Obsession for Lauren Moshi

Don’t you hate when celebrities wear some lovely outfits or clothes just once? I mean, this is obvious when it comes to red carpet events, but if I were a celebrity, I would wear over and over again my favourite (and presumably expensive) pieces. They often receive free clothes, so I understand why they wear the newest and trendiest garments. Anyway, when I spot a celebrity wearing something she has already worn, I appreciate her, because this makes her look more human and down-to-earth.

Christina Aguilera is one of these celebrities: all through 2008 and 2009 she has been wearing tanks and tees by Lauren Moshi [1], thus showing her love (or I’d rather say obsession) for this brand. She owns several clothes by Moshi, some of them in different colours, and she has sometimes worn the same piece different times. I am not a fan of Moshi’s mostly animal-inspired prints (I prefer wearing t-shirt of rock bands), but I am sure the quality of the print and of the fabrics is very good. In any case, I really love how Christina makes each tank and t-shirt unique, accessorizing them in a quite personal way.

Here are some of Moshi’s pieces as seen on Christina.


In May 2008 she wore a Peace black tank with shiny Capri pants, Balenciaga gladiator sandals, a Chan Luu turquoise cashmere scarf and a Chloe Paddington Dome bag.


She also wore a cozy grey cardi and a fedora hat.


In the pic above, she wore the same tank as before, and added jeans, Alexander McQueen satin hot pink pumps, a grey jacket, a thin scarf and a Chloe Paddington Dome bag.


I love the bright pop of colour coming from McQueen’s square-toe pumps.


While in London in October 2008, she sported this nice outfit. Moshi’s t-shirt is half hidden by the black zipped sweater she’s wearing, but it is the Teddy Bear t-shirt.


She wore it with skinny jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs Strippy strappy bucket bag and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute suede pumps in lilac. Something must have gone wrong with her make-up here: the lipstick she’s wearing is way too light for her. Def not the right nude colour for her.


I love the Planet tank she wore for a night out in Hollywood in July 2008. She paired it with Capri leggings, a dove grey cardi and Christian Louboutin Bling Bling peep-toe pumps.


I also like her hairstyle – she used a scarf as headband.


The t-shirt she is wearing in the pic above is actually the Motorcycle dress. She chose to wear it with black tights, sparkling red pumps and a black leather jacket.


It’s nice to see how Christina chose a Moshi music-related t-shirt, the Piano asymmetrical tank.


She first wore it in April 2008 as a dress, with opaque tights, Christian Louboutin Declic suede pumps, Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag in patent leather and an electric blue cropped cardi.


She wore the same white asymmetrical tank in October 2008 while departing from LAX Airport.


She wore the tank with flared sweatpants, a yellow cardi, Hat Attack hand-knit cap, Oliver Peoples Sofiane sunglasses and her trusty Lanvin red patent flats. It’s so strange to see her with no make-up on.


She owns the same Piano tank in black too, and she wore it in a super-casual yet cute outfit.


The outfit is made of black jeans, Lanvin silver flats, vintage sunglasses and my favourite bag ever, the Balenciaga Day bag in black.


She’s recently worn the same tank with black leggings, a striped scarf, an electric blue cardi and Christian Louboutin pumps. What I absolutely love here is her bag, an Alexander McQueen Mini Frame bag, stunning.


I am not a matchy matchy person, but isn’t her blue nailpolish cute?


The Tiger t-shirt has been seen on Christina several times: she wore it in June 2008 with black leggings, Lanvin red flats and Valentino rhinestone-studded sunglasses.


She wore a polka dotted white scarf as headband and in this case she wore very little make-up.


In May 2009 she wore the same t-shirt during a day out with Max.


She wore it with black skinny jeans, Lanvin patent red flats and Alexander Wang Donna hobo bag in washed leather.


Last May she wore yet another Lauren Moshi’s printed tank, during a night out at the Sunset Tower Hotel.


This is the Fashion asymmetrical pocket tank, which she wore with grey jeans, Alexander Wang Donna hobo and Christian Louboutin Madame Claude red patent peep-toe pumps.

I understand why Christina keeps on wearing the same t-shirts. Don’t we all have favourite clothes we would like to wear day and night? Mine are a Nirvana In Utero t-shirt, a Sonic Youth Washing Machine t-shirt, a vintage nightie I wear as a dress, a vintage flower-printed long dress, my trusty Levi’s 479 Booty Flare jeans and some white flowy shirts. What are your favourite clothes, the ones you would love to wear all the time?

[1] This is a very trendy brand: since 2008 lots of celebrities have worn Moshi’s printed garments, but at the moment Christina seems to be the most loyal to the brand.

Source and source.




  1. A pair of all-purpose True Religion jeans (although I’ve worn them so much they’re almost see-though now); a chocolate brown Bottega Veneta belt, with a double loop buckle; a plain white tee, unknown label; a taupe Borsalino hat; a huge squared silk scraf I crocheted a long time ago. And I know it’s not a garment, but I wear it all the time–it’s a green jade bangle I bought a couple of years ago on a trip, right after quitting my corporate job (so it’s also known as the freedom bracelet).

    And by the way, my ignorant self didn’t know Moshi. But now I love it!

  2. I’d love to see your silk crocheted scarf *____* I love crocheting and I’m always looking for new styles. I’m also quite curious of your Borsalino hat. I like hats but only when I see them on others, not on me 😉

  3. I’d love to show you (and if you like it I can give you the pattern), though I’m not sure how. Can I paste a picture here?

  4. I don’t think you can post pictures in the comments. You can upload the pic somewhere else (on Flickr, for example), and then write here the link. Or you can also send me an email.

    1. I don’t think this is a high-end item, or something we can identify. I think she bought it somewhere during her travels around the world…

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