From the Valley to the Upper East Side: Lily Van Der Woodsen’s Style On the Set

All the cast of Gossip Girl is working hard to film the new episodes of the third season and each day of filming means new, exciting outfits to admire. I guess everything has been written of the young protagonists’ outfits [1], but I am focusing on the character played by Kelly Rutherford, the socialite and art collector Lily Van Der Woodsen. I closed this post explaining why I was looking forward to admire the new outfits of her character (more Hermès bags or accessories!). Well, some candids from the set have been published on gossip sites: there’s not (yet) Hermès in sight, but she was spotted with very cute outfits.


On August 12th she was seen wearing a lovely magenta dress, with ruffles on the front and a pleated full skirt.


These pics have been taken during a break, because she’s wearing super-comfortable silver sandals by Lilly Pulitzer. The dress will completed by Christian Louboutin Miss Boxe python wedges for the show, but I really like these sandals too, because they give a nice bohemian and relaxed touch.


One of Lily’s style trademarks is statement jewellery, especially necklaces and earrings. She often wears pieces made of semi-precious stones, and it is the case of the earrings she wore on the set. They are drop chandelier earrings by Siman Tu: the pair on the right is made of white jade, but I think Lily’s ones are made of aqua stones.


On August 13th she was spotted wearing the same wide-legged pants with two different blouses. I love the cut and the fabric (Prince of Wales) of the pants and I really love the flower print on her Stella Mc Cartney chiffon blouse. If you are fans of her style, you’ll realize this is the same top she wore in The Ex Files (4 episode, 2 season).


She sported the same pants with a Vera Wang black silk blouse, which has a cowl neck and an embroidery on the shoulder. The accessories she wore are gold and green jade chandelier earrings, a black cocktail ring and brown python pumps with gold platform and heels. I like both combinations, but I prefer the first one, which is fresher and more colourful. Nothing new as for Hèrmes sightings, but she was spotted on the set wearing this outfit and carrying her trusty Birkin bag in ostrich leather.

I really hope more and more candids from the set will emerge soon. The fashion in Gossip Girl is so appealing, because Eric Daman has done an extemely interesting job with each character. His masterpieces are Blair and Chuck, but Lily is the character I am looking at as a model: I am 35, I still love experimenting with fashion, but by now I know what suits me best and I stick to it. Lily has got a definite style, she’s very consistent in the type of clothes she wears, in the colour palette and in the accessories, and all this consistency is a source of confidence, in my opinion.

[1] Serena and Blair’s outfits are the most popular ones, but some attention is given to Jenny and Vanessa, too. During the third season, Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks will be guest stars, so a certain buzz surrounds the style of their characters.





  1. I am sure they are. I love thong flat sandals (I would live in my Birkenstocks all the time) and these look really nice!

  2. It’s funny that Gossip Girl is geared to the young teen set and they are the real protagonists but Lily is truly the style star as far as I can tell. It’s nice to see a “middle aged woman” on television who dresses both appropriately for her age (none of these sweatsuits with Juicy written across the bottom) but in a way that is always current and youthful. I can think of no other character on TV these days who is as stylish as Lily VdW.

    1. I totally agree with you. Her style is flawless – age-appropriate but not old-looking. I must admit I have a soft spot for Blair’s style, too, but nothing compares Lily’s subtle class and refinement.

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