Red Carpet Heroines: Diane Kruger at “Inglorious Basterds” Premieres

After scrutinizing lots of red carpet outfits, I’ve realized some celebrities cannot do it wrong, because they always give me reason to love their style. I am referring to those I like calling red carpet heroines, semi-divine women whose outfits are a constant source of inspiration: Charlotte Gainsbourgh and Jennifer Connelly, Diane Kruger and Rinko Kikuchi, Anna Paquin and Dita Von Teese. They are very different in style and appearance, but I think they all have in common a natural grace and elegance.

From time to time I’ll write something about these heroines, but today it’s Diane Kruger’s turn. The promotional tour of Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino [1] (her latest film) ended yesterday with the premiere in Los Angeles, so here is an overview of the gorgeous outfits she sported during the last months [2]. It all started last May, when the film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. In that occasion, Diane attended the photocall in the morning and the premiere in the evening.

cannes photo

She wore a Chanel little black dress, with black peep-toe pumps and a double-chain bracelet. I think she’s a quiet girl, but in the second pic she channelled her inner Lindsay Lohan and flashed a victory sign, funny!


For the premiere she got all glammed up, wearing a wonderful ivory silk chiffon Marchesa dress, made precious by golden flower embroideries. She chose Chanel Fine Jewellery star diamond earrings and a Roger Vivier clutch bag. Here she was just perfect and flawless from head to toe. I always like admiring her make-up and hairstyle: she is never over made up, and this emphasizes her natural features. In this case, she opted for a smokey eye make-up and matte nude lips.


The second stage of the tour was in London. Diane stepped on the red carpet wearing a Balmain strapless dress, a metallic clutch and Christian Louboutin studded Very Prive pumps. The dress is lovely, but her hairstyle and the barely-there make-up are too muted, in my opinion. A reason I really admire her for is that she often styles herself and the results are always amazing. I mean, Blake Lively sometimes styles herself too, but she’s never as impeccable as Diane, and this means Diane (a former model) has taste and a very special touch.


The promotional tour of the movie arrived in Melbourne, and Diane attended the premiere sporting a Chanel masculine outfit – fitted pants, sleeveless white shirt, suspenders and bow tie – plus a clutch and Christian Louboutin Iowa patent peep-toe Mary Jane pumps. I think she’s one of the few (if not the only) celebrities who can actually pull off such a masculine outfit without looking masculine at all.


In Sydney she wore a lovely Marchesa red satin strapless dress, with an interesting draped single shoulder; she added a black clutch and Christian Louboutin Ron Ron paillette pumps. I don’t like the wavy but slightly messy hairstyle here, but it somehow recalls the draping on the shoulder, and this is a reference I like.

berlin photo

Back to Europe, the movie premiered in Berlin, where she attended a photocall and the premiere. For the first event she chose a Louis Vuitton yellow dress and tan sandals. She kept the outfit as simple as possible, and didn’t add statement pieces of jewellery.


Even if I feel a sense of repulsion every time I see a Herve Leger bandage dress on a red carpet, this is not the case, because Diane looked gorgeous in her bandage pale pink top and skirt. This is such an elegant colour, which perfectly compliments her milky complexion. The make-up here is amazing – she looks so good with red lipstick and a light smokey eye. She chose an Alexander McQueen box clutch and strappy sandals to complete the outfit.


Last but not least, here is what she wore at the premiere in Los Angeles. It’s difficult to overcome the media frenzy which constantly surrounds Brad Pitt (the movie’s protagonist) and Angelina Jolie, but I think Diane made it by wearing this stunning Atelier Versace dress [3], made extremely sexy by a deep plunging backline. Her complexion is so different from mine, but I’d love to know which blush she used here, it gives her a subtle dewy look.

la back

The dress is all embroidered with glass baguette pearls and is very heavy, as Diane told the press. She chose Versace clutch and blue-soled pumps as accessories, and luckily added no jewellery. Her hairstyle is beyond gorgeous, so chic!


Here a close-up on two Louboutin styles she wore during the tour – the studded Very Prive peep-toe pumps and the Ron Ron paillette pumps in Marine.


And here are the most interesting hair-styles she sported on the red carpet: the messy side braid seen at the photocall in Cannes and the lovely updo seen in Los Angeles.

Which outfit is your favourite? Who are your red carpet heroines?

[1] Director and actress posed together in front of Jean-Baptiste Mondino’s camera for The Call Back, an interesting photoshoot published on the New York Times Style Magazine.

[2] I love when the celebrities’ style is consistent in colour: Diane’s style, for example, is based on a very simple palette, which includes black, white and red.

[3] This dress is part of the upcoming Fall 2009 collection; here is the original sketch.

Source and source.




  1. Ciao superqueen,
    è un po’ random, ma mi chiedevo…cosa ne pensi Sigerson Morrison? Da un anno a questa parte sono diventate le mie scarpe preferite. Vanno bene sempre, elegante o casual, e al contrario di altre marche di uguale bellezza e prestigio, se indossate senza calze o in situazioni estreme (i.e. per camminare con 40 gradi) non ti condanno a fare tre settimane in converse, per rimediare ai danni.
    Ps–di nuovo, scusa il super off topic, è che sono tornata adesso dai saldi a sorpresa, con due nuove ballerine scontate al 70% (sono sicura capisci il mio entusiasmo…).

  2. Ciao!
    Alcuni modelli di Morrison (i sandali gladiator) sono molto molto belli, ma purtroppo non ho mai avuto modo di provarne/portarne un paio, quindi non so darti il mio parere da questo punto di vista. A dire il vero, qui da me non so nemmeno se ci sono dei negozi che tengono il marchio…Tu dove le trovi?
    Ah, un altro marchio americano che realizza calzature molto carine è Sam Edelman.

  3. Ah sì, le ballerine Edelman con l’interno tigrato! Per altro, le saldano sempre da Bloomingdale’s, e per chi ha il piedino piccolo e quindi ha più facilità a trovare il numero, sono occasioni.

    Concordo sui sandali gladiator di SM, però quelli, ahimè, non sono per nulla comodi. Gli ho fatto la corte per un anno (con periodiche visite in negozio, controllini online fosse mai che li saldassero, sai come succede), e poi fnalmente decido di fare l’Investimento. Un’ora dopo li tolgo dalla disperazione (e dalle vesciche). 😦 Live and learn.

    Ho la fortuna di vivere a New York, e SM ha il negozio proprio vicino a dove vivo (cosa che è sia fortuna sia causa di povertà, estrema povertà). Proprio ieri però la commessa mi diceva che hanno cominciato a venderlo anche in alcuni multi marca a Milano. So che sei un’appassionata di ballerine (sbaglio?)–ecco, quelle hanno davvero la comodità di un paio di ciabatte e il day-maker power delle migliori calzature. 🙂

  4. Ohhh, sapere che da Bloomingdale’s vanno in saldo le ballerine di Sam Edelman mi rende molto felice. Io porto il 35 e sono sicura riuscirei ad accaparrarmene un paio, visto che sono un’appassionata di ballerine e di flats in generale. Abitando però in provincia di Treviso, e non nella Grande Mela (sigh), mi limito a sognare, visto che qua in zona – chissà – forse inizieranno a venderle tra qualche anno, se tutto va bene 😦

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