Christina Aguilera’s Style: Love for Balenciaga

Funny how fast fashion builds and destroys its myths. Do you remember the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag collection craze in 2005/2006? ANY celebrity sported one (or more) of those gorgeous colourful bags, Nicole Richie, Nicky Hilton and Lindsay Lohan being the ones who heaped B bags in their closets. Nicole Richie still uses her trusty black City bag, but all the others have turned to other designer bags. It’s a pity, because I can honestly say Balenciaga bags are among the best out there [1], but I am sure they’ll soon become trendy again.

One celebrity who still loves Balenciaga and has a very nice collection of B bags is Christina Aguilera. She started carrying them in 2005 and since then she hasn’t stopped yet. What I love about her collection is that she usually chooses special pieces, bags I’ve never seen on anybody else. Her style is often casual, but B bags are extremely versatile, perfect with almost any outfit.


In 2005 she carried her first Balenciaga, a white First bag. I don’t like this style very much: it’s not roomy enough, in my opinion. Her outfit is very informal – cropped jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, big sunglasses, a red cap and Havaianas Heart pink flip-flops.


In 2006 Christina visited the 48th Annual Grammy Awards Talent Lounge toting a Purse bag in Rouge Vif. I think this is a lovely bag and the colour is to die for.


I also like Christina’s outfit here – a Vince striped cashmere belted cardigan, a simple tee and jeans. She’s often over made up, but here her make-up is subtle and classy.


In the same year she was spotted leaving the infamous Ivy restaurant in Hollywood. She was carrying another Balenciaga bag – a First in powder pink, a very refined colour.


She paired it with jeans, a Mike & Chris Edison hooded jacket in distressed leather, a baby blue tee and Christian Louboutin Wallis Mary-Jane pumps.


In 2007, while in New York, she used a lovely City bag in white. White is not one of my favourite colours, so I don’t like this outfit.


She wore jeans, Lanvin white flats, a James Perse gathered cami top, a grey hooded sweater, Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around her head.


In August 2007,  Christina was pregnant with her son Max. She was spotted leaving the Fabulous Fantasie shop carrying a Moon bag. This bag was part of the fall/winter 2007 collection and it has never become a it bag. It was spotted on Gwyneth Paltrow too. I can’t explain why but I don’t like it at all. Christina kept her outfit simple, with layered tees, sweatpants and a fedora hat.


I love how she dressed during her pregnancy. Sometimes she wore revealing dresses, which I didn’t like, but most of the time she wore simple and cute outfits. While shopping at Bel Bambini boutique in Hollywood, she wore the iconic gladiator sandals from the spring/summer 2005 collection, one of the most notable and fashion-forward collections designed by Nicolas Ghesquière.


She wore them with a long black skirt, an Alexander McQueen skull tank top, a grey wrap and Marc Jacobs sunglasses.


Oh, this is one of my favourite outfits! I love the contrast between the blue/white striped dress and the red accessories. In this case, Christina was carrying her Purse bag.

Christina Aguilera

The Breton-striped dress is by Juicy Couture, her patent flats by Lanvin and her sunglasses are Tom Ford Whitney. She added a punk rock touch with an Alexander McQueen skull-printed scarf.


While shopping at Nomi Baby Boutique in Los Angeles, she carried another Balenciaga red bag. This is the Bowling bag in Rouge Vif.


The bag is gorgeous (I guess it’s really roomy) and it adds a nice pop of colour to an all black-and-white outfit. She wore black leggings with Lanvin black Mary-Janes and a Chloe chiffon Secret Garden print top.


I’m sure Christina is one of the lucky few who owns this bag, a Multicolor shoulder bag in grey, red and white. I don’t like this style very much (it’s not part of the Motorcycle collection), but the mix of colours and the shape are interesting.

Christina Aguilera

She wore jeans, Lanvin silver flats, Valentino rhinestone sunglasses, a white tee, a red cardi and a striped scarf.


Just after giving birth to her son, Christina and her husband were among the guests at the opening of the Broad Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. For this formal occasion she didn’t choose a Balenciaga bag but a dress!


The dress is made of blue silk and is stunning, perfect for Christina’s post-pregnancy body. What I don’t like are the accessories she chose – a Dior Detective zipped bag and Christian Louboutin leopard-print pumps, which look out of place. Her make-up and hairstyle are messy, too.


Christina was very involved in the political elections in 2008. She was among the guests of a Rock the Vote event in Los Angeles. For the occasion she sported a mod style, choosing a Balenciaga Giant Lattice City bag in black and white.


She wore a black and white short dress, a jacket and Christian Louboutin Alti boots. I like her with this hairstyle, but I hate the pink lipstick.


In December 2008 she was seen sporting another black-and-white ensemble. The Balenciaga bag she toted was a Giant Envelope clutch, one of the most beautiful styles of the latest collections.


The outfit is super simple – a striped fitted sweater, leggings and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Two patent pumps. She’s really cute with the short bangs.


In 2009 she went shopping with her son Max, sporting a very casual outfit and toting again her Giant Lattice City bag in black and white.


She wore leggings, a grey sweater and Lanvin red flats. Isn’t it cute that Max’s hat resembles Christina’s?

lattice flat

Another rare Balenciaga style she has in her collection is the Cherche Midi pleated clutch in black. She was seen with it at an event for Stephen Webster in Hollywood in February 2009. I love her all black outfit here, so sexy! Being Stephen Webster’s face, she wore some pieces of his latest collections.


The last B bag she was seen with is a First bag in pony hair and leather, a rare style [2]. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a bag made of fur or animal hair, the idea gives me creeps.


Christina’s style has recently become younger and more cutting-edge, in my opinion. While out for dinner in Hollywood, she wore a vest, a grey tank top and ripped jeans; Christian Louboutin Madame Claude red patent pumps give the ensemble a lovely pop of bright colour.


This is just a selection of pics where Aguilera is sporting a B bag, so these are not the only Balenciaga bags she owns. She has two Day bags, one in black and one in powder pink, which are really to die for, and a City in Greige. I wish I could raid her bag closet!

When it comes to you, do you have a favourite bag? If you could only buy bags from one designer for the rest of your days, which bags would you choose?

[1] I own four of them – a black City (2005), a black Men’s Besace (2006), a Day in Cafè (the most comfortable bag ever; it is from the 2007 spring pre-collection) and *drums rolling* a magnificent Oval clutch in Bleuet. Sooner or later I’d love to buy a colourful B bag – a City or a Day in red or turquoise.

[2] As far as I know, Mary-Kate Olsen is another celebrity who owns a Balenciaga bag in pony hair, a Weekender.




  1. The classic “City” is very pretty, no wonder there have been so many copies and bad imitations all over the world!
    Otherwise, I can’t say I’m a lover of designer bags – I guess if I could choose a lifetime supply I’d opt for Mandarina Duck 😉

  2. Ehi, Mandarina Duck bags are lovely and sturdy, so I totally understand your choice.
    You know I have a thing for Balenciaga bags, but I really think they’re the best out there. Apart from their design, which is amazing, the leather is soooo soft and durable!

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