Christina Aguilera’s Style: Love for Plaid

My guiltiest pleasure is scouring the gossip sites and identifying the clothes and accessories seen on celebrities [1]. Most celebrities do not have a definite style, as they simply follow the main trends (Kim Kardashian, but also the girls from The Hills and from High School Musical); others – (Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Diane Krueger, Charlotte Gainsbourg) have an inner glow which makes everything they wear (on the red carpet and in real life) effortlessly chic. Some of them like experimenting with fashion – the Olsens, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss – while some apparently never change their style (Britney Spears and her love for sloppy, super-informal clothes). Christina Aguilera is my favourite singer, so I always give a special attention to her outfits. She is not considered a fashion icon, because her style has gone through some rough moments, but I think it is quickly improving.

There is an endless number of sites and blogs devoted to the style of the most famous celebrities, but no one has decided to follow Aguilera’s style so far. I will do it in a special category. If you think about her amazing career, you can divide it into fashion phases: the horror in the late 90s (showy clothes, bare navel, tight pants, bleach blonde straight hair with contrasting tips), pure thrash in the early 2000s (the Stripped phase, with black and blonde hair, revealing outfits, face and body piercings, absurd hairstyles), pin-up style from 2004 to 2007 (the Back to Basics phase, when she worked with stylist Simone Harouche [2]:  wavy, Marilyn Monroe-sque hair, pencil skirts, tight cardigans, a revolution if compared to her previous style), transition from 2008 up to now (her pregnancy and post-pregnancy months). Most of her attackers have always criticized her for wearing too much make-up and I totally agree: she sometimes wears way too much make-up (I wonder how many red lipstick tubes she has used since the beginning of her career), and that ends with underlining the flaws of her style.

I do not think she will ever be a trend setter, but I am sure she does not pretend to be such. She is an amazing singer and I hope she can find the style which suits her best in the next future. During the last few months, I have noticed her everyday style has improved – she does not wear velour tracksuits anymore, but she has embraced a more modern, young and fresh style. She surely loves plaid shirts, because she was spotted wearing them several times.


In December 2008 she went shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart wearing a nice outfit, with a yellow-trimmed red plaid shirt, a quilted vest, leggings and flat boots, simple and comfortable. I think she’s beautiful here, with apparently no make-up on.


She chose Oliver Peoples Sofiane sunglasses in red and a Marc by Marc Jacobs Strippy bucket bag as accessories.


In March 2009 she was seen leaving the Viper Room in Hollywood, sporting another plaid shirt, this time black and green/grey. She paired it with spandex Capri pants and a white top.


She also wore Super Classic sunglasses in white, Lanvin patent flats and a shopping bag with some cute babies printed on it. She wore her trademark red lipstick, but she does not look over made-up.


In May 2009 she went shopping in Santa Monica with her baby Max. Is there anything simpler than this outfit? She wore a blue plaid shirt, a white top and simple jeans.


The accessories are the Sofiane sunglasses and another pair of Lanvin flats, in red/orange. Don’t you love her short bangs and red muted lipstick?


In June 2009 she carried Max to a Color Me Mine pottery studio. I love her outfit and I am actually scouring eBay for buying the exact t-shirt she is wearing in the pic (I’ve found this style in Blondie, pastel yellow, but I like the white one better).


She wore a violet/blue plaid shirt on a Wildfox Couture Dream of Ice-Cream white t-shirt and black leggings. The accessories are lovely – an Alexander Wang Brenda shoulder bag in hot pink, Havaianas flip-flops, with hearts printed on the inner sole, and her trusty Super sunglasses.


In August 2009 she was spotted at LAX Airport sporting another casual outfit, plaid shirt included. This one is aqua blue and black, and it is made of cotton. She wore it over a burn-out white t-shirt and black leggings.


She also wore Lanvin black flats and a New York Yankees white-trimmed black hat. She carried her trusty Alexander Wang Donna hobo in black washed leather.

I like all these outfits because they’re simple and perfect for everyday life. I would never follow many trends celebrities seem to love – body-con dresses, killer heels, torn jeans and shorts – but I would really like to dress like Christina in these pics.

[1] I usually post my finds here.

[2] Simone Harouche has worked as a stylist for Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie and Ashley Tisdale. At the moment she is working with Christina for her upcoming album.

Source, source and source.


  1. christina does set trends that are followed in hollywood. she just doesn’t get credit for it!!! think cardigans w/skinny jeans and flats. also the red lipstick trend.

  2. I’ve always admired her style. She has done what she’s wanted regardless of any criticism she might receive. The short bangs are something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never found the courage to do.


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