Glastonbury Music Festival 2009

I love summer music festivals, because I think there’s nothing better than having fun, listening to music and staying outdoors. Since the birth of my daughter I’ve never been to live concerts (shame on me), but if I could, I would surely go to Pilton Farm for the Glastonbury Music Festival, just to enjoy the always interesting line-up and dancing in the mud 🙂 This is probably the most famous summer festival in England [1], founded in the 70s by Michael Eavis, attended every year by at least 150,000 people.

In 2005 Kate Moss was a guest for the three days of the Festival (she was with Pete Doherty), so all the media eyes were focused on her and on her outfits. For the first time, Glastonbury became a sort of red carpet to scrutinize, also due to the presence of Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow. This year, only the music festival regulars Pixie and Peaches Geldolf, Daisy Lowe and supermodel Lily Donaldson were spotted among the guests, so the event just grabbed the attention of music fans [2]. I am both a music fan and a fashion nerd, so here are my impressions about the musicians who hit the stage.


Lady GaGa was one of the most long-awaited artists: she has already performed in England, but I guess this was her first time at Glasto. She made a killer appearance on stage, emerging from a sort of mirrored wall and wearing a mirrored, pagoda-like costume, a matching mask and black peep-toe ankle boots. Her style is always over-the-top, but this time she kept her hair simple.


I wonder if Lady GaGa got on with Lily Allen, since they performed the same day (26th June) and maybe met backstage. The outspoken British songstress hit the stage wearing a purple flared jumpsuit with a plunging neckline. She also wore Fendi bow pumps, a purple wig (she’s recently been experimenting a lot with wigs) and a white satin long glove, an apparent homage to Michael Jackson’s departure. I really like her make-up here, with pink glitters under the eyes.


Emiliana Torrini, best known for the awesome Love in the Time of Science album (published in 1999), performed wearing a beautiful draped black dress, with lace inserts on the shoulders; I love her ruched tulle collar, it reminds me of Pierrot. I think she’s a very fascinating woman, who needs no make-up or complicated hairstyles to be at her best.


The dramatic style of Florence Welch, the frontwoman of Florence and the Machine was one of the most interesting seen on stage. The Irish red-haired songstress performed on 27th June, wearing an all-black outfit, made of shorts, a blouse with rosettes and fringes on the sleeves and black ankle boots. Her hairstyle is lovely, somehow reminiscent of Betty Page’s iconic cut.


Emily Haines is the cute frontwoman of the Metric, a Canadian-based band. Is it just me or is she somehow reminiscent of Roisin Murphy at the times of Moloko? She performed wearing glittering black stockings and a halter costume with fringes on the hem and on the neckline. This outfit doesn’t convince me (I would have chosen something more flamboyant for her), but she looks good in it.


The unique style of Karen O, the charismatic frontwoman of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, cannot be described [3], because it frequently changes, according to the mood and the live performances. I really envy her because she is an amazing artist, who never stops experimenting with music and her own image. I appreciate the fact her make-up and hairstyle are always the same, while the outfit changes. In this case, she wore colourful leggings, a quirky sleeveless playsuit and a sort of poncho.


Stacy Ferguson/Fergie, the female singer of Black Eyed Peas, has recently changed her style a lot, from trashy/pin-up to futuristic, and this is clear from these outfits (yes, I guess she changed clothes during the performance). I really like this style on her, because it makes her more interesting and original. She wore a short tank top with draped pants and a bustier dress with cuts on the hips. She always kept her hair curly and loose.


Natasha Khan (better known as Bat for Lashes) is the talented, Brighton-born songstress who performed at Glastonbury on the closing day (28th June). Her music has gained a lot of attention from the press, and also her style has not been unnoticed. On stage she wore a 80s-inspired outfit – a sequined blouse, lurex shorts, shiny leggings, lace fingerless gloves and blue glitters under the eyes. What I absolutely love is the dramatic black feather cape she wore at the beginning of the performance.


And what about the boys? Lots of world-famous artists performed at the Festival (Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, just to name two), but four singers have caught my attention. The charming Pharrell Williams performed as a N.E.R.D. member, along with Chad Hugo. Isn’t he cute while he’s showing the Vulcan salute? He wore a simple polo shirt, jeans and mirror sunglasses. On the other hand, John Meighan, frontman of the Kasabian, wore an interesting white and red satin jacket on an all-black outfit.


Last but absolutely not least, here are two of my personal music heroes, Damon Albarn (who performed with the Blur) and Jarvis Cocker (sans Pulp). Time has passed since I heard their albums in the 90s, but I can see their style is quite still the same: Albarn wore an iconic Fred Perry black polo shirt with white laurel emblem and black pants, while Cocker looks like a teacher, with his thick-rimmed glasses and formal – yet slightly creased – suit.

I’m glad this year the performers gained all the attention, so I’m asking you: what do you think of Glastonbury 2009 style? Did it impress you or fail to?

[1] Don’t forget the Reading Music Festival: this year the line-up is gorgeous (Radiohead, Gossip, Faith No More, Kings of Leon, Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys and many more), so it wouldn’t be bad to go there too.

[2] I always read lots of fashion blogs, but I’ve never read a proper post about Glastonbury 2009 style yet.

[3] Karen O’s experiments with fashion can only be compared to Bjork’s.





  1. Usually I avoid big summer festivals and Glastonbury seems to be a bit too mainstream for my tastes. But I would have had the chance to see the performances of Bat for Lashes (she is so talented and charming), Jarvis Cocker and Lily Allen too!
    Damon Albarn aged quite a lot!
    I believe the general style looks great for all the performers!

    1. Damon Albarn has aged quite a lot, I agree, but I think he’s even more charming than when he was in his twenties 😉

  2. Of the musicians you included, I think my absolutely favourite is Emiliana Torrini.
    I generally like Karen O a lot, but preferred her when she was wearing darker clothes- I’m not too convinced about this outfit. I also like Bat for Lashes ( I am playing her latest album non stop lately!)

    1. Emiliana Torrini is a rare example of effortless elegance and charm, I like her a lot, too.
      As for Karen O, I think she’s one of the most talented and original female musicians out there; she’s actually changed her style, she’s more into colour now, but I agree with her choices (ok, maybe the cape screams Bjork ;)).
      I’ve never heard Bat for Lashes album, but I am mesmerized by the black feather cape she wore at Glasto!

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