A New Start

This is my first post written in English and I’m pretty excited about it.

I’m not new to blogging, because I’ve been having a blog (in Italian) since 2002, but now I’ve decided to give it a new start, here on WordPress and with a different language.

Just a few details about me: I’m 35, I’m Italian (but I teach English in a high school), I’ve got a husband and an adorable one-year-old daughter (as known as ‘Miss B’). I love writing about fashion and fashion photography, two of my strongest passions.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.



  1. Yay!Good luck with this new start- finally i can ditch ‘Itanglish’ and write comments in English straight away!
    I guess I’ll link this one too if you don’t mind- should I call it ‘from outer space’ ?

  2. Of course you can – both write comments in English and link this blog. I decided to keep its title in Italian, because I’m so used to it, but ‘From Outer Space’ sounds great too (and reminds me of Ed Wood’s movies ;P).

  3. peccato…. ho capito tutto, ma a differenza di Polvere di Stelle non ho pazienza di rinfrescare il mio inglese… sigh.

    1. Ma alla fine non cambierà poi molto. Il mio blog si è sempre retto sulla parte visuale, quindi che il testo sia scritto in inglese o in italiano cambia poco.

  4. Welcome International Superqueen! 🙂
    I must confess I’d thought of writing a blog in English myself – but what about? I could translate some of my book reviews… maybe. Oh well, you’ll know if/when I do.

  5. Peccato…io non ho difficoltà con l’inglese, ma il tuo blog era una delle pochissime letture interessanti in italiano in tema di moda. Con questa scelta linguistica temo che molti lettori non in grado di comprendere l’inglese si allontaneranno 🙂

    1. Lo so, infatti questo è uno dei motivi per cui ho resistito così tanto. Sono però convinta che il blog, essendo in italiano, fosse davvero apprezzato da poche persone. Utilizzando una lingua più diffusa, spero possa raggiungere un’audience molto più ampia. Poi mi auguro che i lettori del blog su Splinder mi seguiranno anche qui, altrimenti pazienza, vuol dire che l’appeal di ‘Dallo Spazio’ non era poi tale.

  6. Oh my! I have to reply in English!
    OK — I have to exercise myself!
    Go Superqueen, now you’re ready to charm all the world!

  7. I love your blog and I’m really impressed by how good your English is! Where did you learn it?… not in Italy for sure…
    I look forward to reading new posts especially about Kelly Rutherford’s style.

    1. Strange but I’ve learnt most of it in Italy. I’ve travelled abroad but I’ve never lived out of Italy for long periods.
      Happy to know you like this blog and my posts about KF 🙂

  8. Well, then you really are a genius! I’m a foreigner living in Italy and so I’m familiar with the “inglese macceronico” with most of your fellow Italians…
    Anyway, your blog has a new fan now!
    You’ve noticed the same thing I had: Kelly seems to be wearing the same accessories most of the time, like us “commoners” would and that’s nice I think. She’s not a “usa e getta” kind of celebrity!

  9. I’m far from being a genius, but I love English language and culture, teaching English is my job and I like doing it at the best of my possibilities. It is true that Italians speak a terrible English, but I guess this happens because they’re too lazy (or maybe they just don’t care) to learn it the way they should.
    Yes, that’s what I like about Kelly’s style: she’s lucky because she can afford amazing accessories, but she actually uses them in her real life. If I were her, I would do the same!

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